Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's Up with That?!

Last year
As a mom, there are a lot of things I have learned about children on my journey of motherhood.  But there is one thing I fail to understand...

I am the one who gets them up and dressed in the morning.
I feed them and make sure they brush their teeth and take baths when they need them.
I cater to their likes and dislikes (unless it is totally not going to happen),
and I spend hours every day busing them around to their various stops such as school and appointments.
I make sure they are caught up on their vaccines and that they see the dentist every 6 months like clockwork.
I change or have changed their diapers and cared for any rashes they got from eating too much fruit.
I am Santa, the Easter Bunny, and will be the Tooth Fairy when the time comes.
I clean up all their messes.
I throw away all their trash.
I teach them manners and how to act in public (still a work in progress...)
I help them with their homework.
I give them kisses and band-aids when they hurt themselves.
I stay up with them at night when they are sick, and I hold a cold washcloth to their foreheads while they are throwing up (my mom did that for me and it really helps).
I teach them how to be responsible for their actions.
I cook them  yummy food and bake yummy cookies.
I make their costumes every Halloween.
I sing to them and read them stories.
I make it to all their school programs and I cheer them on whenever they do something great.
I am their biggest fan.
I am there for them, always.


When Daddy comes home, HE is the hero!

What's up with that?!


Meagan and John said...

don't worry--it happens to me to, go figure

Ariana said...

That is so true! As a kid, I remember being so excited when my dad came home. I also remember feeling bad for my mom as I got a little older. It's probably because we're home all day with the kids...they're used to us. It's exciting to see their dad!

Ariana said...

Yeah! My comment posted! :o)