Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slacking Off... But Not Really

In a week and half, we are moving!  Yay!  But that also means that things are crazy around here trying to prepare for the big day.  I have been packing stuff up in plastic bins and boxes, taking pictures off the wall and pulling out screws and bolts.  Shelves are coming down and walls are getting washed.  Not a whole lot of time for blogging and surfing the net.

I have been under some major stress these last few days because I discovered that once again when things get tough, Ben gets called away.  I am pretty used to it now, but moving all three kids and all our earthly belongings by myself is going to be quite the challenge.  The thought is stressful, but I know I can do it... I am one tough cookie when I have to be.  And I look at the bright side, at least this move is only to the other side of town.  In a year or so, after Ben graduates, I will probably have to move to a whole other state or country on my own -- so I guess this is good practice.  Have any of you out there had to move your household on your own?

I am a little worried about getting the big stuff.  But Ben has some Army buddies that drive pickup trucks... maybe I can bribe them with pizza or something to help me out.  What do you think?

Aside from the move, there has been all sorts of other stuff going on that has kept me busy.  Ben had me designing a Military Coin for the ROTC.  This was a real pain in the butt, let me tell you.  I probably did 10 or more designs trying to please the upper-ups.  And had to do 3 or 4 changes here and there before they finally approved the design.  And then after all the work, my ego desires a little stoking -- but that doesn't happen in the Army, you just do your job and if you don't get yelled at then you can just consider the job well done.

That about wraps it up for now.  I only have an hour before I have to pick up the Tweedles from school, and I really wanted to get a work out in!

Have a fantastic day!



Ruth said...

If you move yourself, you will be in charge of where stuff gets put! :) We moved once, when I was 8 and half months pregnant, and my husband thought he was doing me a favor by putting stuff away. I looked for things for months after! I am sure your ward would help you. I may end up moving us by myself in a year or so, depending on what happens with my husband's job situation. If I were there, I would help you!

Morhia said...

Congrats on moving and yes we sold our home to prepare for our move when we get PCS orders. No I didn't have to do this one alone but sure am dreading al the ones in the future I will have to do alone. I will pray all goes smoothly for you and the kidos!

Ana said...

I haven't yet had to do a move alone, but am anticipating one sometime in the coming year. Here's the thing about military moves, though - it's the paperwork that's the biggest pain. Unless you are crazy and do a DITY, it's pretty much a supervision sort of thing. They come, bring all the boxes and the truck, pack and load you. All you have to do is unload boxes on the other end. You can even direct them where to put all the furniture as it comes in. I imagine this move you are doing now will be more work since you have to actually DO the work.

I've been spoiled by military moves, haha. Now that the kids are older, I'm not at all worried about doing one on my own.