Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Has it Already Been a Year?

It seems crazy that it has been a whole year since we added our little peanut to the family!
I have to admit, that when we found out we were having another boy I was disappointed... we really wanted to have a girl.  But the second I held our little Jake, I was snookered!  He has been such a joy to us.  Such a personality!  He is so different than my other two.  Where my first two are very independent, Jake loves to snuggle sometimes and be carried around.  He doesn't like mechanical stuff like Sam and Nephi, he enjoys stuffed animals and things like that.  Sam was terrified of stuffed animals!  And grass... if we ever wanted to keep him in one place outside, we just laid a blanket down in the middle of the lawn and he wouldn't get off it.  Sam was also afraid of most foods and sand.

Nephi was a very active baby and loved getting dirty.  Jake LOVES to eat!  It doesn't matter how many times I vacuum, he always seems to find something to put in his mouth.  He has this thing for "pig" stuff too.  Every time he sees a pig toy or stuffed animal, he gets really excited!

AND he has his daddy wrapped around his little finger... twice!
Happy #1 little guy!


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Lorri said...

I forgot he was born the day before Jeff's birthday. Jeff is 17 today (3/8) Happy birthday to both our boys.