Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Break Out

Whoever said that bad cases of acne are for teenagers are big fat liars.  All growing up, that's what I believed: teenagers get zits, but they grow out of it.  As my delightful British friends would say, what a bunch of rubbish!

However, it might be true for men... Ben doesn't get facial acne very often, hardly ever actually.  But me?  I get it when I am extra hormonal (like pregnancy), when I get stressed out, when I am anxious, or when I eat fattening foods -- pretty much every other week I get something on my face.

But NEVER as bad as today!  My face felt a little itchy when I woke up this morning, so I went to look in the mirror and SHAZAM!  Major facial breakout!!  Like ALL OVER!  It was HORRIBLE!  By far the worst break out in my life!  What happened?  Did I eat something naughty... not that I could think of.  Could it be the drastic weather change?  Maybe.  Am I overly stressed? Only a little... I think.  (I was pretty anxious about my 3 part posts, I always get that way when I talk about my faith)  But nothing more than normal.

Put braces and headgear on me and I was 14 years old again...  Yes, I did wear headgear.  No you can't borrow it for Halloween!  Do they even still do headgear or was that a 80's-90's thing?

I could blame it on the kids... Nephi pooped his pants while I was teaching my crochet class stinking up everything.  That was stressful.  Sam wouldn't eat his dinner tonight.  We had this following conversation about my choice of food:

Sam: "Mom, what are we having for dinner?"
Me: "Soup"
Sam: "But I want fish sticks"
Me: "Too bad, we are having soup."
Sam: "But Mom! I like tasty food, not yucky food!!"
Me: "Soup is tasty"
Sam: "I think I will just have a fruit snack then"
Me: "Nice try, but no."
Sam: "AHHH I hate you!"
Needless to say, he was successfully bribed to eat all his soup with the promise of a very tasty peanut bar.

However, being the hated mommy can be pretty stressful... it may have made my break out a little worse.

Or maybe I could blame the stress on the dirty dishes and laundry that seems to be taking over my apartment.  That could be it...


I went around today hiding my face behind things.  The acne was so bad that I was afraid to even put makeup on, I didn't want to make it worse.  What on Earth could I have possibly done to get such an outbreak?  The only thing I could think of was that buttery popcorn I indulged in last night.  The butter could have done it...

I don't know, but what I do know is that I am on a crusade to get rid of this horrible infliction on my face!  Does anyone have any great tips?  I have been drinking LOTS of water and I have some antioxidant herbal teas I have been drinking to flush the nasty whatever out of my system.  But anyone else have some tips?


Tyler and Jennie said...

When I get the random bad break out I use Clean & Clear's advantage acne spot treatment. My acne looks better in like a day-seriously. This stuff is magical. For everyday super clean feeling I have started using Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser (man, I sound like a commercial right now, sorry!) I haven't had a bad breakout since I started using it! It's fantastic. :) I'm glad I'm not the only grown up with the occasionaly Jr. High Breakout...haha!!

Cat said...

I am going to write those down and check them out tomorrow! Thanks for the tips!!!

*Katie* said...

I am totally in the same boat with you! I feel like puberty has come all over again sometimes! I feel like I have tryed everything. Proactive, clean n clear, ect... nothing works! I'm doomed.... I hope your outcome is better

eometz said...

Hi Cat! :)
Welcome to my world lol. I don't think there has been a day since I was 15 that there hasn't been a zit on my face....and I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Some things helped for awhile, but then my acne just came back. :\ I have tried all sorts of products, both OTC and prescription. I have finally given up on finding the ultimate product since for me it just doesn't exist. What I have been doing lately is juicing. I make fruit and veggie juice every day, and drink about 8 cups/day plus I'll eat when I'm hungry so I don't feel like i'm depriving myself. I'm happy to say my acne is improving since I started juicing 2 weeks ago! But even more than that my mind feels clearer, my body feels leaner, and it has reset my taste buds! I crave healthy foods! Kind of weird but awesome! :D

Granted you have to invest in a juicer, but once you have the juicer, it's really easy! I usually do a mix of raw celery, beets, carrots, some sort of leafy green such as kale or parsley, ginger, apples, and oranges. Hope you find your magic acne bullet! :)

Emily, your cous! ^.^

Morhia said...

I have had the same problem with Adult Acne and found out that the reason is because the dead carcases we see on the road side are boiled down and then the oil on the top is what is used for our face cleansers and night creams. I watched the episode of Dirty Jobs and that is my source. I then went to investigating and found that Hollywood Makeup is not made up of these chemicals because it is made mostly in Switzerland and they have a different standard of what can be used and done with. From there I found Arbonne and started using it, WHAMO, Acne gone! I love the product and now live by it. It costs about what I was spending on Clinique but lasts 2-3x as long. I love it and now just last week deciding I am using so much that i am going to start selling it. Everyone I told about it wanted it and I was sending them all to my friend who I buy it from and realized I was sending sop much business to her that I wouldn't even have to buy it anymore. Look it up and you'll be surprised by it. It is GREAT Stuff and it works! I am sure you can find someone there that sales it and if not message me. I will send you a samplle pack that lasted me almost a month because it takes less than a dime amount everyday to try. (= Good Luck!

Ana said...

I actually didn't have any trouble with acne as a teenager and all my friends were jealous. Then, right before I went to college, I broke out, and have been breaking out ever since. I've tried EVERYTHING over the years. I was having success with Proactive, but it's pricey, and makes you sun-sensitive. When we moved to the Bahamas, I knew I had to find something else. So, I started washing with natural soap (I get mine from Apple Valley Soap - a family that makes it at home). Surprisingly, it works better than Proactive, and now I only break out around that time of the month, and it's never very bad.

Good luck! Acne is the worst!

Live*Laugh*Love said...

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Tiffany J said...

I was breaking out hormonally from this pregnancy, and the Arbonne acne prone face wash and moisturizer helped me. (It's what I used on my mission, but because it's more expensive hadn't used it much since.) I don't ever wear makeup, so I have nothing to add there. But I know how frustrating it is to finally get acne under control and then break out for seemingly no reason! Everyone's skin is different though, so good luck! We feel your pain! :)

Morhia said...

The Arbonne Clear Advantage is actually reasonable now and costs slightly more than a product one would buy at a local pharmacy or department store. The wash and the lotion each cost $16.50 and that is reasonable especially for the product you get. I would love to send out a sample to you both if you would like. I should get my sample packs soon. My daughter and her friends are going nuts over it. So much better for you and you know what is in it unlike most American products that use mineral oils and what not (animal fat). If you would like I could let you know all the product in the wash and lotion. Most of all good luck with what ever you choose to use. I will pray that it works quickly for you! Blessings!