Wednesday, February 1, 2012 Getting our Busyness in Sync!

"Where are you?" I asked Ben, as I sat in the school gym with the boys saving a seat for my missing husband.  It was Sam's kindergarten music concert and Ben told me he would met us there.  So I saved him a spot and waited.  No husband.  It was about to start, so I gave him a call.

"I'm at school doing a mentor-ship, why?"

"Because it's Sam's music concert!  You promised to meet us here!!"

"Oops.  Sorry, I forgot," he says like it's no big deal.  I get angry and snap at him so he knows just how I feel.

"Whatever!"  I hang up.  Jerk.  Why can't he just remember these things?  Why does he keep scheduling things the same time I do?  It's frustrating, especially when he does it AFTER I tell him something else is going on!

So I got this brilliant plan to find some kind of coordinating calendar... couldn't find anything I really liked.  Then I knew that if I did, I would have to convince Ben to check it too.  It's hard enough to get him to check his email!

Then, a few weeks ago, I got an email from asking me to do a review and some advertising for them.  The site is free to use and much to my delight, an online calendar!!  And it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

When you first sign in, you will come to this main page:
It includes all your upcoming events, invites, news, and get this: your blog roll!  All in one place!  Almost perfect for a homepage, don't you think?

When you sign up, you can add people to your account.  I added Ben.  So he can log in and see what me and the boys are up to.  He can also go to the calendar page and add his own stuff.  And what I REALLY like about this, is that everything is color coded:  Pink for me, Blue for Ben and both if it affects both of us: has asked me to do a few posts in the next months telling about my experiences using their program.  So far the main part that I have been using is the calendar.  I am very impressed.  Easy and quick to use.  You can make your events public to all your peeps or private, and you can also see the calendar in many different formats:



And of course, by month as shown above.

One thing I didn't like however, is that some days are just an event to remember like a birthday or no school, and there really isn't an option for that other than choosing an "all day" check box, which automatically puts that it starts at 12:00 am or "(all day)"... who needs that or doesn't know that it is all day?
Maybe there is a way to turn that off... I haven't figured it out yet if there is.
(This is what it looks like on the month's calendar of Ben's Birthday):
Anyway, other than that small thing, I LOVE this program!!!  And they even have it as an App for it, but that will be in another post.

One last thing that I wanted to mention, is that I can and did set it up so that when I add something important to the calendar, Ben gets an email about it... WOO HOO!  Take that hubby-bubby!  No excuses now... no excuses...


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Lydia said...

I love this! I definitely need to try it out. I'm a big schedule-type person. I have a large white-board calendar attached to the door in the kitchen (leading to the garage). My husband goes through that door and sees the caledar all the time, giving him no excuse to forget things. He hasn't forgotten a big event yet, but we'll see what happens when we have more kids. lol!