Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Saved!

I decided two weeks in advance I would start to look for a babysitter to watch my boys so Ben and I could have a special Valentine's Day this year.  Valentine's for us has never brought much luck. Ben and I just can't seem to get in sync with each other... and this year was no different from the rest.

First off, it was our unfortunate luck that Valentine's fell on a Tuesday this year.  Why is that bad?  Well, the church youth group meets on Tuesdays and so we were totally out of luck when it came to finding a babysitter. I was very disappointed, of course, but decided anyway that we could just have a family Valentine's day outing.  My sister-in-law had gotten us a gift certificate to Applebee's for Christmas and we thought it would be fun to go there for the big V-Day.  But the closest one is an hour away... so we wanted to make it fun and special and make an evening out of it with the whole gang.

Then the night before the big day, Ben got a phone call from the ROTC.  Apparently, there was a basketball game and they needed someone to do the color guard on Valentine's night.  Holding the phone, Ben looked at me with this "can I?" face on.

"It's Valentine's...." I said getting seriously irked that they would DARE call a married guy and ask him to give up his Valentine's date.

"But it wouldn't take too long...." he said.  I could tell he really wanted to do it which irked me even more.

"It's Valentine's...." I said again.

"Yeah, I can do it," he told the guy on the other side of the line.  If I was a cartoon, steam would have been coming out my ears.

"Well, I guess we can kiss Applebee's goodbye then," I spat bitterly.

"Oh crap, I forgot!" He exclaimed.  I gave him the ultimate crusty look with a dash of "I just can't forgive you tonight" mixed in.

So Valentine's came and I was pretty ticked off at him for ruining my plans.  Now, I didn't know what to do.  I was not happy with him that I flat out refused to get him a card. (Although I did give in and get him some much needed socks for PT.)

All morning I stewed.  I even called my sister and gave her the annual "I hate Valentine's Day" speech.  Then I decided that I would take Baby Jake out on a lunch date.  HE loved me.  HE appreciated me.  HE wouldn't ditch me for a basketball game... even if he tried he couldn't out crawl me.

Then Ben called me and his afternoon class had been canceled and he wanted to take me to lunch to make up for his mess up.  Okay... maybe I will START to forgive him.

Lunch was great and we even got to go pick up the boys together (that NEVER happens).

Ben really wanted us to come see him do the color guard at the game.  I was a little reluctant because I was still a miffed about the whole thing, but ended up giving in in the end.  But it was really hard to stay mad at him when he looked so blasted hot in his uniform carrying that flag around.

Funny story:  There was this male cheerleader strutting around flexing his muscles and looking cool, and Ben walked up to him and stood by him while he was waiting to go out on the court.  One of the other male cheerleaders chuckled, pointed at Ben and said to his cheerleader friend, "Well, you DID look cool until that guy showed up." (Ben always modest just smiled and walked off.... and then couldn't wait to come tell me, of course).


After the whole show, we decided that it would be fun to take the boys out for pizza.  So we popped on over to this new-ish pizza buffet place we had been wanting to try out.  Luck happened to FINALLY be on our side, because it turned out we were the restaurant's 100th customer of the day!  YAY us!  So we won a huge thing of chocolates and two free adult meals for another time.  That was pretty cool.

So what started out a not so great Valentine's Day, ended up to be pretty good.

Was your Valentine's great?



Ana said...

Wowsers, you have made me very nostalgic for my freshman year and all those basketball games my friends and I went to. I can still hear the theme song...UTah State, Hey! Aggies all the way!

Allison said...

I'm glad you had a great Valentine's Day after all! My husband had a late class that night so we're actually celebrating it this weekend.