Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Stupidest Sickness

This week I haven't been around the internet lately... notice I don't say "haven't been around the computer," because that would be a total lie.  I have been practically camped out in my computer chair because it is the only place I can sit comfortable and breathe.

But I have been ultra moody too, so that was a huge neon sign that I needed to say off-line or I would end up saying stuff I would regret.

Last Monday, I woke up with a fever, body aches and I was having a hard time breathing.  My first thought was "Oh my gosh, I am getting pneumonia again! NOoooo!"  So I forced myself into some clothes, grabbed the 3 boys and off we went to the intacare to get myself checked.

I was totally stressed out when I noticed that there was going to be an hour wait!  Lots of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth followed (all me) as I forced myself to sit down and started policing the boys in the lobby.  I felt like passing out and snapping at the boys every now and then was all I had the energy for.

Then finally we got called back.  They took my vitals and x-ray.  Then they told me that I didn't have pneumonia YET, but tomorrow I probably would because it was developing in my chest.  So you would think they would give me antibiotics right off to nip it in the bud, right?  Wrong.  They gave me an inhaler (I hate those things) and told me to take deep breaths... a lot of deep breaths will apparently keep me from getting pneumonia.  Yeah, I believe that like I believe in the Easter Bunny.  I asked what I should do if I wake up in the morning and it's worse.  Know what she said?  She told me not to come back unless it lasts longer than a week.  I could be dead in a week, I thought to myself as I drug my body and the boys out to the car with my newly acquired inhaler.

This week was miserable.

I could only breathe if I was sitting in a certain position on the computer chair or if I walked around like was sitting in that position, which the boys thought was very funny.  I, on the other hand, was not laughing.  Sleeping was worse.  I had to lay perfectly still and not move or everything in my lungs shifted around and made it even harder to breathe.

But life had to go on.  Ben and the boys had school and I had to take care of things.  I did get a nap on Saturday though.

So a week has come and gone, and guess what?  Well, my fever is gone... but I still can't breathe!  It hasn't gotten better AT ALL.  Surprise, surprise.  So much for that deep breathing technique that I couldn't do because I couldn't breathe to do it.... So there I was, not very happy, I might add, walking into the instacare once again.  This time I had a doctor that knew what he was doing.  He listened to my lungs and instantly felt terrible sorry for me... finally, some much deserved sympathy!  Apparently, my lungs are super full of something that isn't mucus and inflamed so much that it is a wonder I can even breath sitting down, he told me.

He gave me one of those breathing treatments they give little guys with RSV, and my lungs were so swollen it hardly helped at all.  But the steroid made me shaky and jumpy.  I felt kind of weird and really grumpy.  He came in with some prescriptions and told me that he was going to put me on a strong steroid for a few days to get the inflammation down and also an antibiotic.... then he mumbled under his breath that I SHOULD have gotten it when I came in last week.  I totally agree Dr. Dude.

The only down side was the steroid side-effects.  When he said this, I instantly thought of unwanted body hair... no way I was going to start sporting a 'stache!  I would rather not be able to breathe!  But that wasn't the case.  He said that I would be really moody and have a major appetite.

"So basically, it's like PMS in a pill?" I asked.  He laughed, "Exactly!" Well, I can handle that, but can my family?

So here I am high on 'roids and feeling particularly snarky.  Hopefully, tomorrow will bring bigger breaths!



Lindsey said...

I'm so sorry for your awful sickness, but "PMS in a pill" completely made my day!! I hope the 'roids help!

Allison said...

I hope you can breathe easily soon! It's no fun to be sick!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cat-
I am taking a nursing program at the moment and wanted to say your doctor was right on the part about taking deep breaths in this case. It sounds utterly ridiculous, but there are air nodules in your abdomen and plus, if you don't take deep breaths, you're not filling up and emptying out your lungs each time and same goes for all the air nodules in your body (which are normal to have- it's for your body's air and oxygen use purposes!) and if you have fluid build-up in any of those areas, the best way to actually get it out is taking DEEP breaths every time you inhale and exhale so your body will burn off that fluid. Don't ask me why the breathing has much to do with ridding your body of that excess fluid in your air sacs because I've no clue. I should ask my professor, though!

And do stay hydrated with water all around the clock so your body will let go of fluid instead of retaining it, assuming it'll be a while before it gets fluid again. (I fail to hydrate a lot, too... I am bad about this.)

The stuff mentioned above is what I've learned in my nursing class, so know that I'm not a doctor and I do highly encourage you to really consult your doctor, or even a new doctor just to get the best treatment that works best for you as prescribed by your doctor.

Rest, Hydrate, and Breathe, girl..


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I am on the cusp of pneumonia now myself. I know just how you feel cuz I get it like 3 or 4 times a year. Take care of yourself honey.

Amy said...

Geez, what were they thinking sending you out of there without antibiotics! I don't know you at all but I felt so bad for you as I read this. Also, I had to laugh when I read "weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth". I'm pretty sure it is mostly Mormons who use this phrase. I scrolled down your blog, and, yep, sure enough you've got a button on your sidebar. :) It is always nice to meet fellow LDS mom bloggers (and fellow military wife bloggers).
I actually checked out your blog via a press release I was sent by the people running the Skype software giveaway.
Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and I hope you feel better soon.