Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stressed Out?

A guest post by Allison Brooks

The daily grind can take a toll on everybody. Stress comes in many different forms as well as effects, especially if you have military personnel in the family. At first, the time apart might not seem so bad, but when you become the mom and dad, things get a little hectic. The long distance away from your significant other can really take a toll on the family. Even if you don’t have children together, not seeing your best friend everyday can lead to anxiety, stress, confusion, or even low self-esteem. I know all military wives/girlfriends have experience this from time to time when her husband or another loved- one has been deployed.

Make Something

To help manage the stress or cope with the hodge-podge of emotions, I turned to creative ways to keep me occupied; basically Pinterest is my best friend now. There are great do-it-yourself projects that help ease your stress and create some fun and cheap ways to spruce up the hum drum of your living space or make for your soldier overseas.

Turn Something Used Into Something Useful

Take another glance at items you may have used and would normally throw away. For example, empty wine bottles, corks, and even you condiment glass jars, can be recycled into another use for your home.

For the used glass condiment jars, why not tackle organizing the garage and utilize the jars as storage containers for nails, screws, buttons, and other small materials that are hard to find.

Turn your old wine corks into a tack board with a little wood glue and an extra frame not in use. This is an easy and inexpensive way to create a one of a kind bulletin board. To do this simply cut the corks to fit into the frame, secure with wood glue, and hang.

Create cool tiki lamps for your backyard with used wine bottles. Just take your used wine bottles and fill half way with lamp oil, a cotton wick, and some copper wire to secure the lamp. Quick tip: find a wide enough cotton wick that will securely fit the opening of the bottle.

Second Glance At Second Hand Stores

Shopping tends to allow the mind to escape stresses although the pocket book may not agree with the purchase of expensive items, not to mention the even more stressful outcome of buyer's remorse. Head down to the local second hand shop and glance around at the multitude of items to spark some innovative ideas.

For example, go to the linen section and look for bold colored pillow cases, take a second glance at these inexpensive items as a way to store extra sheet sets. This is a great way to keep the linen closet neat and organized as well as protect the extra sheets from dust.

If the daily stress of life has once again taken a burden of enjoying the simple things in life, then perhaps it's time to discover how to simplify life with innovative projects. Sometimes just painting one wall in a room can make all the difference of brightening your spirits. The main objective of do-it-yourself projects is to take your mind off the pressing issues that may inhibit your productivity, as well as enjoying a great sense of accomplishment when completing a project.

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