Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meagan and Her Homemade Soap Adventures (Giveaway)

This is kind of a funny story.  I met Meagan when I was a senior in high school, she was a freshman, and we had both tried out for the school musical that year.  Even though seniors usually don't converse with lowly freshmen, Meagan was hard to ignore.  She was really out going, and would say the most random, crazy things!  And as many times as you would find yourself rolling your eyes, you would also be laughing at some joke she would be sharing.  Meagan is a really hard person not to like.

I lost contact with her after I left high school.  I think I ran into her one time at the 4th of July festival near my hometown.  She was married by then, and even had a baby -- Ben and I were newlyweds at the time and expecting our first.  But after exchanging hellos, we were off and that was the last time I saw Meagan in person.

Then a few years ago, we reconnected on Facebook.  I was really quite happy to get back in touch with her and she is one of those people that leaves status updates that you know she isn't trying to be funny, but the way she says it makes you laugh out loud.  I am constantly entertained by my old friend, and I say that in a loving way.

Meagan was also one of my first fans on this site, and has always been a big support in my many endeavors.  So I owed her one... and a couple months ago she came to collect.

Meagan and her husband, John, live on a little farm in Texas these days.  They have been struggling with money for a while now, since Meagan has some health problems that don't allow her drive and have a job outside of the house.  So she does a bunch of random stuff to help pay the bills.  And when I say "random", I really mean it!  She does stuff like babysitting (I remember her talking about watching twins at one point), then she raises some farm animal babies: pigs, birds, rabbits, goats, and they even have this hedgehog hanging around, and sell those.  Her husband will build and sell animal cages and other stuff.  And it always seems like she up to something different every month.

Some months ago, I saw her mention on Facebook that she decided that she was going to home make her laundry soap to save money.  This made me chuckle.... she was such a character!  I have heard of some pretty crazy things people do to save money... but make your own soap?  I thought only pioneer people did stuff like that.  Maybe I am just picky.  My mom, being a beautician, would always emphasis the importance of really good soap, so making it myself was completely out of the question.

But I was supportive, and totally entertained at her updates on how this making soap adventure was working out for them.

Then she announced that it was done and that it worked really well!  I admit I gave that update status a "whatever" eye roll.  I was NOT convinced even a little.  I figured that in their financial troubles they might not know what good soap could really do... (I feel totally bad for thinking that by the way).

Then about 3 months ago, she sent me an email asking me to do a review of her laundry soap because she wanted to try to sell it.  While I was thinking, Oh, crap she wants me to try her soap!  What if it ruins my clothes?! What if it infects my kids with something or bleaches out Ben's uniforms!?  I was saying, "SURE, I would love to!"

So she sent me this little package and I set it on my kitchen counter.  I was torn.  What if it sucked?  I would have to do an honest review and I didn't want to ruin our friendship! I looked at it for a couple weeks.  I thought about for a while longer... then I lost it.  I forgot about it.  I am a terrible friend.  Then last week she emailed me and asked me what happened.... was I going to write the review?  I felt terrible.  Not only had I forgotten about it, but I had lost it somewhere in my house!  Then I found it.  There was no way around it:  I had to try it.

I read the labels she typed up and they said: "All natural homemade white laundry soap. Dye free, phosphate free, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate free."  It was safe for pretty much everything, except eating.  It is also ideal for people with sensitive skin.  Then she said only to use 1 Tablespoon for normal laundry, and 2 for extra dirty.  I thought, "No way! Maybe she meant cup?"  But I wanted to do exactly what the label said so I could give a honest review.  In went the tablespoon of odorless soap followed by some clothes I deemed "safe" to be ruined if it didn't work.  Then I started my load.  I wasn't expecting much.  My washer was old, doesn't do the best of jobs, and is a little smelly too, and nothing has ever changed that fact.

When the load was done, I went and peeked in.  I sniffed.  I smelt NOTHING.  What the heck!?  My washer always had some sort of smell... but I smelt NOTHING.  I checked the clothes and they all looked pretty clean... I even sniffed the armpits of one of Ben's t-shirts.  Still nothing.  Maybe Meagan is onto something after all, I thought.  Not only did she clean my clothes, but she cleaned my washer too.

Then I got a little braver and did my whites.  Absolutely fabulous!  They hadn't been that white in a long time!  I threw in Ben's ACU's (camo) and PT uniforms.  Grass stains and BO gone!

Then came the ultimate test.  The boys underwear.  They never say it on commercials, but the toughest stain to get out is the poop stain.  All you mom's of boys out there know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  I thought, there is NO way it is going to work... it did.  Totally clean underwear.  Now I was really impressed... and really excited!  I think the one thing I would change, is that I would run an empty cycle with just her soap before I started using it on the clothes.  I think it would speed up the process by getting out all the soup gunk left behind from the "other stuff."

Now, I have tried MANY Eco-Friendly soaps before, and I have never been really impressed... they just didn't clean like the other stuff.  But Meagan's soap is AMAZING!!!

She also sent me a sample of some dishwasher soap she made.  This I instantly "poo-pooed" and set aside.  Mainly because it had little pieces of rice in it and it looked funny.  Then the label said to only use after the dishes are rinsed clean and put in the dishwasher... that her stuff isn't so good at taking off chunks of dried food.  When it comes to dishwashers, my stance is that a dishwasher SHOULD be able to wash dishes.  I wasn't going to wash them first.... no way, not a  chance.

But I felt bad about not trying it.  So this is what I did: I put my regular little gel-pack in the little snap box thingy and closed it.  Then I put Meagan's soap in the pre-wash section.  I thought that way I could get the best of both.

"Ben, get in here!!"  I yelled from the kitchen as I opened the dishwasher after it was done.  My ever ready hubby ran in and I pointed to the dishes.  We both stared at them for a moment before Ben broke the silence by saying: "WOW!  I never thought they could get THAT clean!!!"  The glass was sparkling, there were NO hard water stains, no grainy chunks stuck to anything... the pots and pans looked fabulous.  I could just not believe it!  So I emptied it again and did another load.... same thing.  Amazing.

I can not give Meagan's soaps enough praise.  They are truly incredible!  And not only has she made a paying customer out of me, BUT I can't wait to try the bars of soap she is working on right now.

AND she has agreed to let me giveaway a free sample to one of my readers!  So if you are interested in trying out this amazing stuff, here's how to enter:


Go check out Meagan's website: The Family, Animals, and More Farm and look around.  Come back here and leave a comment on what you liked and/or which of her products you would like to try out. (Her prices are MORE than reasonable and I actually think she isn't charging enough for what her stuff does)

Optional: (please leave separate comments for each of the following so I can give you more entries)

-Become a fan of her page on Facebook: click here.

-Become a member of her site here!

-Share this giveaway on your blog/ facebook/ twitter.... you get a separate entry for each one you do.

That's it!!  I just hope Meagan can forgive me for being such a weenie about this whole thing.  She really does deserve a fair chance, she has something worth selling.  So pop on over and check out here site!!


(Pictures in this post are taken from Meagan's website and facebook page)

PS Don't forget to check out a few of my giveaways going on:

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Despite what the posts above say, you can still enter those contests.  I will announce all the winners on the same day, probably next week.  Thanks!!!


Samantha said...

Now, you've got me wanting to try out her stuff!

I 'liked' her page. :D

Samantha said...

Signed up on her website.

Samantha said...

I want to try out her laundry soap. :)

(I really hope I'm leaving comments the way you wanted me too. I'm starting to feel weird leaving a bunch of comments. HAH! If not, my bad!)

Kritta22 said...

I totally want to try it too!! I'm not a believer either but it's worth a shot at that price!! If I don't win, I'm going to buy a sample pack!

Kritta22 said...

I follow her on FB!

Damaris said...

Your review intrigues me. I think the laundry soap and dishwasher soap both sound great, I don't think I could say which looks better!

Wehaf said...

This is quite the pitch! I'd love to try out the laundry soap, especially since there are bunnies on the package!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Lydia said...

Wow! I'm half-tempted to just go ahead and buy a bag of the laundry soap! My husband is allergic to most laundry soaps. So, we have to stick to the All Free & Clear kind, and that can get expensive. The way you make it sound, I want to try all her soap products!

I've liked her facebook page.

Lydia said...

Oops! I think my last comment was supposed to be two separate ones. I got so excited and forgot about the rules. lol!

Heidi said...

I checked out her website. I really like the pictures of her animals. That's neat that they are doing so much together and on their property. I would totally love to try out the laundry soap! If it's as good as you say, I wonder how good it would be on cloth diapers. That would be super awesome! :)

Heidi said...

I'm a fan on facebook! :)

Heidi said...

I signed up on her site. :)

Heidi said...

I shared this on my facebook page. :)

Tracy T said...

I would love to try her laundry detergent. I am especially interested in how it will work on cloth diapers.

Meagan and John said...

Tracy T and Heidi, because you only use about tablespoon and it doesn't 'build up' on your clothes when used correctly it should be 100% safe to use with clothe diapers, I though don't have a baby in diapers so I myself haven't used them on clothe diapers myself, I though have a couple people who have bought it and tried it on their cloth diapers, i just haven't touched base with them about it since they received it.

Lydia, I would suggest staying with the All Natural white because it is as close to 'free and clear' we have, it has no dies and the only scent is the essential citronella oils used to make the soap part of it (but as Cat pointed out, it doesn't leave your clothes smelling like bug spray, it leaves them scent less, if you use a scented laundry softener they usually smell like that scent--just fyi)