Monday, January 23, 2012

Potty Minded... Is it a Phase?

Our boys are at the age where bodily functions become seriously funny and hot topic of conversations.  As a mom, I am at the point where I have had enough of the poop and butt talk.  Ben feels the same way.  So a couple months ago, we sat the boys down and had the "potty-talk is not appropriate" talk with them.

Yeah, that went really well.  If anything the potty talk just got worse.  I know, I know, kids will be kids, but it really bothers me to hear it so much.  I started doing time out, by making the boys sit by themselves in their bed room anytime "poop", "butt" or "fart" passed those little lips.  But it just fueled the fire.

I am sure it is just a phase.  Right?  They will grow out of it if I keep getting on their case about it... isn't that how it works?

And to make things worse, their little potty minds have been coming out in their artwork.  A couple weeks ago I sat down at my computer and noticed Sam drew and taped up a cute little picture for me right next to the monitor.  Well, when I looked a little closer, I realized it wasn't so cute.  All the little men in the picture were either going pee-pee on something or pooping.  I was horrified!

I tore it down, took it to Sam and tried to keep my cool as I explained to him why it was wrong in so many ways!  Then I trashed it.

Finally, after I kept throwing his potty pics in the trash, a couple weeks ago he got the hint that I, in way what-so-ever liked that type of "art."

I thought we had moved on, until after church yesterday, he came up with this picture that he drew in primary (Sunday School):

I was mortified and then totally embarrassed!  It was one thing to draw pictures like this at home, but at church!?  Are you kidding me!

Me:  Samuel!!!  How many times do I have to tell you not to draw pictures like this!!  I can't believe you did it again!

Ben: Cat....

Me: Why do you keep doing this?

Sam: But mommy....

Ben: Cat, it's not what you think.

Me:  Hello!  How can it not be!  There are little men doing nasty things!

Ben: Why don't you just ask him what it is.

Me: Fine.  Sam, what are these little men doing?

Sam: Well, that little man (he points to the one that looks like he is passing gas), is in a rocket chair. And he zoomed down and smashed that guy (the frowning one in red), THEN his rocket chair broke and now his pants are on fire! (He them pointed to the one I assumed was pooping.)

Okay, I admit, I totally jumped the gun on that one.  And I apologized promptly with a hug and a kiss.  But seriously, what was a mom to think? (And just in case you were wondering, I am still not sure what's up with the girl and the square kite... any ideas?)


PS: How do you deal with this phase if you are "lucky" to go through it?


Alicia said...

Phase, Huh? Have you ever heard grown men talk. We get together with my husbands family every Sunday dinner and it's the joke of the family that the conversation always leads to poop, without fail. My brother in law, who is in his late 20's, bought a picture frame that you can record your voice. Instead of a voice, he recorded himself farting. So if someone goes by the picture frame and pushes the button, you hear the fart. Yep, even grown men don't grow out of the phase. They just might be a bit more tactful as to where it is talked about.

nichole quigley said...

I noticed the same thing with my boys, the second I started saying "we don't talk like that" it got worse. I've since backed off some and explained as we go into ANY place, that if I hear poop, pee, butt or fart they will go right ot red (our behavior chart colors- red is the worst) and for the most part it works. I don't jump on them every time they say it anymore, they know they can't say it out in public or at the dinner's been working so far!

Bella Armyknightslady said...

Haha cute!
I have given you the Versatile Blog Award

Me said...

Ahhh yes, a phase indeed. But it will inevitably follow them into adulthood. Those "football get togethers" ? Yeah. Totally an excuse to burp and fart and compare lol. I ignore it. My 9 year old is going through it and my 4 year old is imitating. Ugh. Thank goodness ignorance is bliss lmao.