Saturday, January 7, 2012

Indulging My Inner Nerd

There is a side of me that I don't share with people who aren't close to me.  Mainly, because I find it so blasted nerdy, that I get embarrassed and a little ashamed that I flirt with nerdiness on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.

I didn't even tell Ben about my nerd side until after we were married, and it turned out he had a bit of it in him too.... although for men, it's a little more acceptable than for woman.

So here is my nerd confession:  I LOVE a good computer game!

Can't help it.  I was raised that way.  Literally!  My dad worked with some of the first computers before I was born and we had one in our house as long as I can remember.  It was the days of the 8 in floppy disk (My dad had a bunch), and I remember playing word games on his "PC".  I wish I had a picture of it... it was a classic!  My dad had this printer that was so big it had it's own wheels (it was the size of a huge Xerox machine we see at Kinko's these days).

Then when PC's got popular to have at home in the mid 80's, my grandpa got us one that actually had some pictures and color!!  It sported 4 colors!!  Can you believe that?!  We were thrilled to play hang man and other fun games.  Being the first house in the neighborhood with a computer, made my sister and I super cool.

And it just got better from there.

Some of my earliest memories are playing computer games with my dad.  And when I get down south every 6 months or so, I will still find myself pulling up a chair to my dad's side and co-piloting his most resent obsession.

Playing those games in the early days taught me a lot about problem solving, story creation, and imagination.  I was a better speller, writer, math wiz and history buff... all because of the computer in those early days.

These last six months, I have been working so hard on my hats, keeping house, raising children, and being wife and support to Ben, that my game playing was put on the back burner.  I have had little if any time to chill out and relax with a good game.

Now, I never play the online games.  Not that I have a lot against them, to each their own, I just like to play to be in my own world away from everyone else... I don't want to play with other people.  I like to indulge MY inner nerd, not everyone else's.

Ben thought it would be a great idea to get me this new game that came out a couple months ago.  Mainly, because I am a big fan of the other ones in the series, and he might have caught me drooling at it more than once at the store.

One word:  Skyrim.

There I said it.  The one and only Christmas present I REALLY got.  All those other things, were just extra perks.

And I am hopelessly sucked into a world of magic, dragons, and really cool armor and swords.  I have to FORCE myself to do my other responsibilities first before I can sit down and play though.  I have been neglecting my blog though... oops.  I thought for the last couple weeks I should just fess up to my nerdiness, and admit I love this stuff.  But pride, once again stopped me.  Now, I just decided that it didn't matter.

As long as I don't let it consume me and ruin my life, I think I am doing pretty good.  Ben, of course, thinks this quirk of mine is adorable... mainly, I am sure, that it gives him time to play his shoot 'em up games without me complaining.  And then, naturally, I feel this urge to EARN my computer time, so I run around and clean and feed everyone so I feel like I deserve a few minutes of my own.

Right this minute, the kids are off playing, Ben is napping, the baby is munching on some kind of baby puff thing... the perfect time to fire up my game and play a quest.  I know, total nerd talk... But I know that I can't possibly be the only closet nerd out there... Come on, fess up, what's your inner nerd indulgence??



Carrie and Karl said...

My favorites were space quest and kings quest. I'm glad you're enjoying your new game.

Cat said...

Those were my favorites too! Did you know they re-vamped the first couple King's Quests and you can download them for free! I have been introducing my kids to them... but I guess they look a little "old" compared to the wii games they like to play these days.

Jason Millett said...

I used to play video games, until I took an arrow to the knee.