Saturday, December 24, 2011

T'was the Day Before Christmas...

This morning, when we got out of bed, we raced to the computer to track on NORAD Santa and see where he was!  We hadn't heard about this until this year, and have been eagerly looking forward to it!
The boys were glued to the screen all morning, tracking Santa's flight through India and Russia, through Africa and Europe.  I had printed them out each a world map to follow along his route.  I was secretly chuckling to myself about the geography lesson my kid's were covertly being given. 

While they were busy tracking Santa, I was busy getting Christmas dinner made up ready to bake for tomorrow.  We usually have our big dinner on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas morning have the big breakfast.  But this year, Christmas is on Sunday, and our church has a special one hour meeting at 9 in the morning.  In all honesty, the thought crossed my mind to just skip church... but my heart tells me that Christmas only falls on the Sabbath day every 6 years or so and what better way to celebrate the true meaning with the kiddos.

So I made a new plan:  I will make up Christmas dinner the day before (today), and get it all but cooked and in the fridge.  Then early tomorrow morning, I will pop up and put the turkey in the roaster and let it go while we are at church.  Then when we come home, there will be the smell of cooking turkey, presents waiting for us to play with, and all I have to do is throw the potato yummy casserole in the oven.

My plan would have been brilliant, but we had a few kinks along the way... like my idea to send Ben to the store with a list of items to pick up.

First off, it's not Ben's fault.  I take all the blame.  My shopping list was a little vague for my manly man.

This was what my list did say:

-red potatoes
-shredded colby jack cheese
-2 small packages of chocolate pudding mix
-2 small packages of vanilla pudding mix
-1% milk
-graham crackers
-cool whip
-2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
-1 16oz sour cream
-chocolate chips
-1 box of butter (cubes)

I thought I was being clear enough.  But I for a man who hardly ever does the food shopping, my list SHOULD have looked like this:

-RED potatoes -- NO, potatoes are not all created equal.  I don't care if the russets (brown ones) are cheaper!
-shredded colby jack cheese -- not the thick chunky kind, we always get the fine shredded in the big bag.
-2 small packages of chocolate pudding mix (INSTANT!!!! in the blue box) 
-2 small packages of vanilla pudding mix (INSTANT!!! in the blue box)  NOT the cook and serve!!
-1 box of butter (cubes)  NOTE:  if the box doesn't say "BUTTER" than it IS NOT butter!  And no, margarine and butter are NOT the same thing... 

(He did get the rest of the list right, I guess I did alright with those items.)  I felt really bad when he came home though and I was looking through the stuff... I didn't want to make a big deal about it, so mostly I just let it go.  I didn't, however, notice the puddings weren't instant... until 4 cups of wasted milk, and 4 packages of graham crackers later when the blasted pudding wouldn't set.  It was a desert nightmare!  When I figured it out, it was already 6 in the evening and all the stores were closing down.  Dang it!  I REALLY wanted that yummy desert and here I was, not even Christmas yet, and I was already ruining it!

I grabbed my purse and ran out the door, hopped into the van, and speed off to the only store I knew would be open until at least 7 or 8... Walmart.... trusty Walmart.

So into Walmart, I flew like a flash, 
grabbed my ingredients and checked out in a dash!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Anyway, I made it home all safe, just in time to show the boys that Santa was in South America at the moment and was heading our way!

"We better hurry and make him some cookies and jump in bed!"  I told them.  So off to the kitchen we went and got the mixer out and started mixing up some chocolate chip ones.  I had originally been planning on oatmeal, but Ben insisted that Santa wanted chocolate chip with extra chips!  So that's what we ended up making.

They were kind of weird looking because I used the margarine instead of butter...  Ben looked at them suspiciously.  "I told you butter and margarine weren't the same...." I said.

The boys set out the cookie (a really big one) and milk:

And I think this was the only night this year, they willing went to bed.  YAY!

Now we are waiting until they are for sure asleep, to make some Christmas magic happen... (I just have a few more presents to wrap!)  I don't care what anyone says, the best Christmas' EVER are shared with children who still believe!



Lorri said...

Merry Christmas! Love you. LoLo

Just Another Blogger Mom said...

I am a new follower =) I put your badge up on my site as well!

My kids were SO excited for Christmas this year, it just seemed so magical this year for some reason..probably because they are older and were so excited for it this year!