Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Trouble with Veggies

I don't care what the so-called experts say, there is no way to hide veggies in food that a true picky eater won't detect.  Sam just knows... With Nephi and now Jake, there has never been a problem, they love their healthy food and snacks.  Sam can smell a healthy nutrient a mile away and there is no chance in this lifetime that THAT is going in his mouth!

I have pretty much gotten used to making 2 or 3 meals for ever meal.  Regular dinner for Ben and Nephi, less fat version for me, and then something like Mac'n Cheese or fish sticks for Mr. Picky.  But last night, I had had enough!  My kitchen if FULL of dirty dishes, and I just wasn't in the mood to be the regular short-order cook.  I sat the boys down and told them that they can have what they want (with in reason, of course) for breakfast and lunch, but from now on there will only be ONE dinner.  If they eat it then great, if not, too bad.  The kitchen will be closed after dinner.

Nephi was okay with the new plan, he ate up his stew happily and finished his meal off with a granola bar.  Sam on the other hand, was near his breaking point.  He stared down at his stew like it was poop.

"I see VEGETABLES!" he cried in utter anguish. "And one of them is green..."

"It's called a 'green bean' and it is SO yummy!  Just try it." I told him.

"No! It SO yucky!"

"Then pick it out and eat everything else" I said getting tired of discussing the green bean.  It was only one and I decided to pick my battles and the green bean wasn't worth the fuss... today.

"But what about this brown thing..." he whined again pointing to a mushroom.  "I HATE those brown things!"  I knew Sam really hated mushrooms, so I wouldn't force him to eat one.  I was mean, but not that mean!  What kind of a mother would I be if I forced my child to eat a mushroom!

So after he moved it over to the side, he started complaining about the peas and the corn.  "I gave you a free pass on the green bean and mushroom, but you will eat those 3 peas and 4 kernels of corn!"  Ben needed me in the other room so I left Sam alone starring at his little bowl of stew.

Not 2 minutes later, does Sam come running in claiming he ate all his food!  "Can I have a granola bar now?"

"Let me come inspect your bowl."

We marched into the kitchen to take a look.  I was right to be skeptical.  Sam had very carefully hidden the peas and corn kernels behind the mushroom on the side.  Then he spread the rest of the soup, which was a few pieces of ground beef and some rice, around the bowl to make it look like there was less.

"Nice try, Sam, but I see what you did."  I pulled the veggies back out and told him to eat it.

"I don't WANT to!"

"Well, then don't eat.  Just go to bed."

"But I am STARVING!"

"No you're not.  If you were starving, you would eat your stew."

He finally ate the rest of his stew.  And guess what?  It didn't kill him!  Now I know I don't have to be a short-order cook anymore, just patient with my little man who hates those troublesome veggies.

Life is so hard when your a kid!


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Rachel said...

We have this same fight every night, except my little man is much more stubborn. He went to bed last night at 530! I too had enough of making his dishes "plain", like yesterday I made beans and rice, before I would have made his rice separately, gave him some applesauce and a carrot and he would be good, but seriously, I was sick of it! So I dished him up some of our meal, and he refused, and all night long he came downstairs saying he was starving and dying, but he still wouldn't eat his dinner...oh the joys of a picky eater!

Anonymous said...

I go through this all the time. My husband won't eat any veggies unless it's greenbeans, corn, baked beans...

but let me tell you something- I have smuggle grated cucumber in the most amazing and healthy turkey veggie meat loaf that he cleaned his plate and wanted more :P if you want the recipe, let me know [: It's one we got out of one of our healthy recipe books. It's got grated veggies in it and I know a way to make it look invisible and taste like the meat. To this day, he has NO idea all that was in there!! haha.

Carrie and Karl said...

I too fight this fight, unfortunately my boys won't give in. One went 2 days without eating before I gave in. For my boys it's not the taste as much as the texture, so we are slowly introducing stuff. Someday they might eat normally. When I don't feel like fixing them a different meal they can make themselves cereal or a sandwich, that saves a lot of stress.