Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strep Throat... The ""Gift" that Keeps on Giving

The Nutshell has been flipped over a couple times, to say the least, this week.

A couple days before Christmas, after suffering from a sore throat, stiff neck, swollen glands, and a mild fever, I finally got my butt over to the doctor and told them that I was pretty sure I had strep throat.  I was right.  I get it just about every other year, so I know what the symptoms are.  My only worry was passing it on to the kids, not to mention that we had a family event this last week, so I called my mom and sister and told them to watch for the symptoms.  Mom had it, and the next day my niece came down with it too (but my sister was on the look out and caught it soon).

We thought we were in the clear.  And I was feeling much better by the time Christmas came around.  It was a blast!  And we had so much fun and got such fun stuff that I have been playing all week and off the internet... my email in-box was a nightmare!!

Then the day after Christmas, Ben started complaining of the sore throat.  He went right away to the doctor and they gave him some antibiotics like they gave me.  But instead of getting better, like I did, he just kept whining and complaining.  I kept thinking, "Oh, good grief!  You would think you were dying or something!  I had the same thing and sucked it up... you can too Mr. Macho-Man-Army-Guy."  But he was sleeping all day, and all night, and being totally dramatic about eating and drinking.  Three days later he is still being Mr. Whiney.  And I was getting a little sick of him milking out his sickness.  Taking care of one sick Ben was a lot harder than taking care of my three little ones!  He was being such a big baby!

After another night of him sleeping on the couch with his new electric blanket, humidifier pumping steam in face, and complaining that he isn't sleeping when I know for a FACT he was because I could hear him snoring from the bedroom... well, I felt like I wanted to kick his butt.  It took me all of 24 hours to feel better, and him drawing this out for 3 days was too much for me!

Today, as Ben was complaining and being a big baby, I finally snapped and told him that maybe he should go back to the doctor!  Then he told me to take a look in his mouth.  He handed me the flash light and I took a peek...

Several things ran through my mind:

3- I can't believe I have been so insensitive!!!

Ben's entire mouth and throat were covered in white blister-like things.  I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it!  I told him to get his coat on and get back to the doctor NOW.  It didn't take much convincing.

He called me later and told me that the doctor had the same reaction that I did and they think that he has something else on top of the strep that made it worse.  So my poor guy is hooked up to an IV being pumped full of steroids to get his throat to open back up and help the swelling to go down.  He is also being tested for some other issues he might have as well, including mono -- PLEASE, OH PLEASE, DON'T BE MONO!!

Meanwhile, I am running crazy around the house with a can of disinfectant spray and Clorox wipes cleaning everything and anything he might have touched, breathed on, or even walked past.  I hope my kids don't catch it!!!

And more than anything, I am on a total guilt trip.  What a jerk I have been.... Good thing he loves me and forgives me.  I hope whatever he has, he will get well SOON!


UPDATE: Not mono.. YAY!  Just a REALLY bad case of strep.  They gave him some stronger meds, painkillers, and a shot of penicillin.  Hopefully, after a night's sleep he will be feeling much better!


Just Another Blogger Mom said...

Oh Goodness! I HATE strep...I get it AT LEAST once/year and it really stinks!!! Hope your kids don't get it & that Ben starts feeling better SOON...ik my hubby is a BIG BABY when he's I feel you there!

Lorri said...

Oh poor Ben, poor Cat....I hope he gets better quick. I've had strep like that and believe is absolutely miserable. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love ya, Lo