Friday, December 16, 2011


Can't believe it's been a week since I posted last!  Things have been really crazy around here lately.  Finals were this week, for one thing.  Ben had four of them spread out throughout the week, and is currently taking his last one right now!

Hat orders have been excellent!  I have had just enough to keep me really busy, but not too much to handle.  I have two orders finished and ready to send out this morning, and two hats left to do before Tues.  Then I am taking a much needed break!

I have most of all my Christmas shopping done.  I just have a few items for Ben that I need to pick up, and few stocking stuffers for the boys.  I have been super sneaky this Christmas season, and I think playing Santa has been ultra fun!  I feel especially pleased with myself for actually being able to hide 3 beanbag chairs in my mini van, and pick up my boys from school on the way home, and THEY NEVER NOTICED THEM!  I couldn't believe it!  Maybe I really do have super Santa powers!

As for myself, I pretty much already know what I am getting for Christmas.  I make a list of "affordable" things I want and Ben buys them for me... it's that way every year.  Works for me.  This way I don't leave poor Ben hanging.  Last time I did, he got me some things that HE would have liked to have.  Better just to make a list for him.  Then I have my secret list of things I REALLY want but there is no WAY we could afford them.  My secret wish list: a Kindle Fire and a Serger.  BIG wants... but totally unrealistic.  What I am going to get: a computer game I have been eyeballing, and a hoodie.  Getting cozy with a fun computer game?  What more could this mama ask for? (Maybe I could suggest a coupon book of foot-rubs, dishes-be-gone, and sleep-in days -- that would make a GREAT stocking stuffer for me!)

What would you like for Christmas?  And I am not talking world peace... even though that would be nice...

Oh... and here are a few updated Santa Pictures from Ben's unit Christmas Party.  I thought Jake was going to flip, but he surprised everyone!

Cutest Baby-Santa Picture ever!  He was totally snuggling!!



Anonymous said...

World Peace? funny.

I know my husband already got me a butterfly in a jar

and of course- part of my past bday and christmas present for this year were the two new front load washer and dryer I fell in love with at hub's parents' house. Mine were displays at Sears and were discontinued (Samsung made a newer model to replace this model with) and plus there was a dent and scratch on the washer. I got them for el-cheapo!! :D Brand new, never ever used and came with everything.
We live on 2nd apt floor so a dancing and shaking upright washer was a no go after we went that route previously. A nightmare.
Then an Oreck vacuum because well, a relative has one and long story short, he bought it used online and has dog hair, dirt, debri, crap from the woods, and everything all over his floors and this vacuum is still kicking. So, hubs bought me one since my last one (Bissell) died on me and it was a hand me down from my Grandpa before he passed. /: I would really like a Honda Civic and it doesn't have to be a zillion dollars, but... it's a big thing to ask for! I also want a bigger apartment! Preferably 3 bedrooms! (2 of them would be offices- one for me, one for him and our gym would be in either room). We need more closets. Right now, we have a very small ,cramped closet that we share and there's stuff up to our chests in there mostly because of his footlockers he brought back from his deployment. (Those things are a royal pain to store when you don't have much room!) I have to shove things into what seems like every crack and crevice here to make room. /:

All-in-all though, I'm a happy girl.
I can't ask for anything else but my hubby this xmas. Those other 2 things I mentioned, they're no big deal at all and there's no urgent need in getting the two anytime soon.

Merry Christmas!

Kritta22 said...

on my not-crazy list i have a few books, a thread holder and a bundle of fabric.

on my crazy list, i want an ipad2 and a jogging stroller!

i,too, give my hubby a list. our first year married i didnt and got icky smelling lotion and a chair massager ;) i really like the lists cause then i dont have to take things back!