Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Naughty List, Invisible Elves and the Things Santa Knows!

Christmas time in the Nutshell gets more exciting every year as the kids get older, become even more gullible (if that's even possible), and everyone gets antsy with anticipation of the much awaited visit from Santa.

This year, the kids wrote letters (Or drew them anyway):

(the little guy crossed out on the bottom is the "angry man".  Sam said that for Christmas no one can be mad in our house.

 His was the longest, these are only 2 of 3 pages of presents he wants.  But they all have the same theme... have you guessed it yet? Look close... okay, if you haven't figured it out, he wants batman stuff.  He's really into it... so is Nephi.

Nephi wants Robin stuff.  I think he can really identify with the whole "Sidekick" thing.  He also wants a "bucket truck" aka a pick up truck toy.  I guess we will have to see...

However, the boys have been acting out lately, fighting more, hitting and kicking each other that I have resorted to "tell Santa to put you on the naughty list!"  Which worked for like a day... then they started using it on each other: "Nephi, if you don't give me that toy now, Santa will put you on the naughty list!" We heard Sam say the other night.

I thought, something has to be done.  The bickering and yelling was giving me a headache and kept the baby from taking much needed naps.  I looked into the whole Elf of the Shelve thing, but there was NO WAY we could fork out the cash for it.  So I came up with my own version.  The Elf that no one but mommy and daddy can see, that is super fast and hides under the bed... This has worked REALLY well!  Can't believe how quickly they get good when I yell: "There he goes!!!  LOOK!!!  Did you see him?!  He just ran across the room and under the bed!!"  For the next hour the boys are quiet as they break out the flash lights and investigate under the beds.  Just adding a little "magic" to their Christmas, and reaping a few minutes of quiet at the same time.

Then I reinforced it with those Santa videos, you know the ones:  (click here if you don't).  The new video this year is fantastic!  And there are lots of cool options to personalize it.  One of which is "Mommy wants you to try harder to go potty on the toilet" (or something close to that effect)  Nephi has been having a little trouble making it to the potty because he is afraid Sam will take whatever he is doing while he goes.  So basically, my house smells like pee all the time.  Well, I used this option on Nephi's video.  He was so upset that Santa knew such a personal thing, that he hasn't had an accident since!  WOO HOO!

So here we are at the Nutshell, with our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, invisible elf on the loose, nightmares of the infamous "Naughty List", and proof that Santa really does know when "you're sleeping", "awake" and apparently, when you go potty... a little creepy when you think about it... but then again, my house no longer smells like pee.



Anonymous said...

I would have never thought about these genius ideas and I'm actually making little mental notes about them! So smart. I don't have any kids right now... still have college stuff to work on and just not close to being ready for kids. So learning from you is exactly what I need so I'll have some ideas up my sleeves when those munchkins are brought into this world! [: Thank youuuu!
-Tiffany G.

Heidi said...

Hahaha this totaly was a LOL!!! You always crack me up! Hope the boys are being good for you!