Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas' Past

This next week Ben and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary.  It's crazy to think it's ONLY been 7 years because it seems to me that Ben and I have been together forever.  It's hard to imagine what life used to be like without him in it.  And the same holds for the boys... it's hard to remember the feeling of not having kids.  Ben and I spent our first Christmas together a week after we got married, but after that it was never the same because Sam came along before our first wedding anniversary.

Today I am thinking back fondly on our Christmas' together as a family.  And it's exciting to spend this one with Baby Jake!

I think a great way to chronicle Christmas, is the good ol' Santa shots!  Enjoy!

Sam's First Christmas 2005
 Sam's 2nd Christmas 2006
 Sam's 3rd Christmas, Nephi's First 2007

Sam's 4th Christmas, Nephi's 2nd 2008
(This was one of our favorite Santa's... he just looks so peevish and un-merry!)

 Sam's 5th Christmas and Nephi's 3rd 2009

Sam's 6th Christmas and Nephi's 4th 2010
 Looking forward to adding the 2011 Santa shot to our Jolly Collection!

Do you have some great Santa shots??



Damaris said...

Love the pictures! I remember that 2008 Santa - Lee's, right? He definitely wasn't the stereotypical Jolly Man!

Happy Anniversary!

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Wow, those are some creepy Santas!!