Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans in Our Lives

I remember growing up, that the only Vet I knew until I was a teenager was my grandpa who served in WWII.  There just weren't a lot of soldiers around during the 80's and 90's were I was.

These days, who doesn't know a soldier or two?  Or even a handful?  We live in a time where every single one of us is connected to the military one way or another.

I feel blessed to have many wonderful connections to people that I love dearly that serve our country with honor, loyalty, and all the values that I hold close to my heart.

When I married Ben, I told him that in NO WAY in this solar system would I ever marry a soldier!  I dated one in high school and that didn't go over very well.  I was good friends with my sister-in-law (married to Ben's brother) BEFORE Ben and I got together, and I saw how hard it was for her to be without her hubby while he was deployed.  I wasn't going to do that to myself or my future kids.  Not a chance!

Then about 3 years ago (wow has it already been 3 years!?), things weren't going to well for us.  Ben's grades were suffering, we were afraid we were going to get kicked out of school and have to pay back our student loans on a minimum wage salary.  All this stress made Ben go into a depression and he was grumpy ALL the time!  All he wanted to do was watch TV, eat and sleep.  It came to a point were I told him, if he didn't pull himself out of this and figure out what he was going to do to save this family, our marriage was going to be in serious trouble.

One night we were lying in bed and he mentioned that he was thinking of military options.  I could tell he was really scared to mention it because he knew how strongly I opposed being married to a soldier.  But the instant he said it, I KNEW it was what he was suppose to do!  He was stunned to silence when I said, "Okay."

The next day he went and talked to all the different recruiters and the ROTC to see what all his options were.  He decided that the Army Reserves and then the ROTC would be the best for our family.  We did all the paper work over the next few days and then he was off to be sworn in.  Then 7 days later he was off to Fort Jackson for basic training and AIT that would keep him gone for 9 months.

We never looked back.

When it comes to Ben's military career, it seems like everything always falls into place.  He is doing so well, and has had some amazing experiences in his journey.  I am so proud of him for all the hard work and sacrifice he makes for our little family, and for all the more I know he will make in the future.

So I want to say a special Happy Veteran's Day to my Father-in-Law, Kevin and my brother-in-law, Jared.   And as always to my Grandpa Amos who has been gone for 12 years now, and to my husband's grandpa Dee who passed away a couple years ago.  It is awesome to be part of a family who loves and fights for our freedoms... they set such a great example to me and my boys.

And last but certainly not least, a Happy Veteran's Day to my own modern knight:
Who is the soldier that touched your life??

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Allison said...

First and foremost, my husband is my hero. He hasn't gone through a deployment yet but he stands ready to go whenever he is called.

My grandpa served in the navy in the tail-end of WW2. My husband's cousin is currently training with the marine corps.

I am grateful for all three of these men as well as all the wonderful military men and women I have come in contact with since this military journey started.