Friday, November 4, 2011

Preschool Drama

Even when Sam was a baby, he was extremely social.  He enjoyed making people smile even when he couldn't talk.  I always thought he would be a bit of a ladies man when he grew.  However, the older he gets the more I realize that he is just super friendly.  He has little interest in girls other than the "Friend" factor, which pleases me to no end especially since he is still a little guy and WAY too young for crushes and all that...

And then there is Nephi.

He has always been so shy that I thought for sure he would be the quiet guy that didn't date until college.  But apparently, Nephi is quite the stud muffin of the preschool.  A couple weeks ago he came home and told me that the little girl upstairs (she's 3 years old than he is) is not his girlfriend anymore.  He has found someone new at his school.  He talks about her all the time and just thought that she was his little friend and all that fun preschool stuff.  But I ran into one of the teachers at Walmart the other day and she told me that Nephi and this little girl are pretty thick.  Even holding hands at recess.

I am not ready for this romance business.... although I am never short on jokes or quick quips to tease him.  And when I asked him if he had any guy friends at school, he told me he had one, but that he likes girls WAY better than boys.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, he was all zipped up in his coat and hooded.  It wasn't until we got home and he took his coat off that I noticed huge chunks of his hair missing.

"Nephi!  Who cut your hair!?"  He leaned causally back on the couch and told me his little girlfriend gave him a haircut just like mommy cuts daddy's hair.  How can you be made at that?

But this new haircut HAS to be fixed... so this weekend my little redhead is getting a buzz.  Bummer... but that's life!


Allison said...

That is too funny! What a little ladies man he is!

Ruth said...

My daughter is not real social, but she does have a HUGE crush on a little boy in her primary class.