Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miracles and Sam

One of the things that makes having a special needs child worth all the heartache, are the miracles that you get to witness in their life.  Every little milestone is an amazing feat!!  What some people over look, makes us want to throw a party!

Even though Sam has vastly improved in his speech, language and social skills, there are still many parts that he struggles with.  We work everyday on writing his letters and numbers the un-backwards way.  Sam doesn't understand why it matters so much and doesn't seem to care one way or another.  Even though the change in schools has worked wonders with keeping Sam on the straight and narrow, he still has some behavioral issues that come with his challenges in life.

One thing that is required of all the students in Sam's class, is to learn how to memorize and recite poems.  When I found out about this, my heart sank to my feet.  There was just no way Sam was going to be able to pull that one off!  He can't even memorize a song he hears everyday!

But, once again, the Lord has shown me that He still has many little miracles in the form of one Sam.  Tonight, my little speech impaired child came in my room, put his little hand over his heart and this is what he said:
I was so moved I could barely speak!  I grabbed my camera and made him give me an encore, just so I could have this forever!!  Today, I am very thankful for the little miracles in our lives, and for that blessed charter school for making such a difference in Sam's life!


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Brandee said...

way to go sammy!!! it brought a tear to my eye as well.