Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Congrats to the Winners!

This year, I thought we had some fantastic entries in the Homemade Halloween Contest!!  It was so much fun and I want to thank all of you who participated and voted.  Next year, I hope we will have some more fantastic entries!!

Now, because we didn't have as many entries as we have had previous years, this year, EVERYONE that enter will be getting a prize!  Yay!!!

First Place goes to The Bobsled Team!

Who also entered the next top ones:  Micheal Jackson, and Popcorn.  So I gave her first pick of the prizes and she chose the gift certificate of $25 to

The Most Creative Costume Award (And also tied for 3rd place) goes to Optimus Prime!!

They get a fun hat from A Chick w/ Sticks:
The Biggest "Hoot" Award goes to the Owl!

This costume must have taken forever to put together, and it ultra cute!  This Owl gets a free hat from my site:   Cat's Hats.

The Cutest Costume goes to our sweet Lil' Lady Gaga:
I seriously want to pinch those little cheeks!  She is so adorable!!!  They also win a free hat from Cat's Hats.

Winners, please send me your information so we can get your prizes sent out!  Thanks for the great Halloween season everyone!


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