Wednesday, November 30, 2011

13 Things I have Learned from Christmas Movies

We've all seen the Christmas movies a million times that teach us a few important principles of having the Christmas spirit:

1.  Believe in the magic of Christmas or else your life will be miserable and un-magical when you grow up.

2.  If you have lots of money, don't be a "Scrooge"!  Share it with others less fortunate or no one will come to your funeral when you die. (I am not sure what to do if you ARE the less fortunate...)

3.  Being different is okay.  No matter how weird you are, you have special gifts that can ultimately save Christmas.  Imagine saving a whole holiday all over the world because you have some serious facial deformity like a glowing nose!

4.  Even if you want to kill your family during the year, if you are lucky, you will all go through some life changing event, fill with the spirit of Christmas, and ultimately have the best family Christmas ever with lots of hugs and forgiveness!

5.  Wanting cool toys your parents can't afford, will put you straight on the naughty list... no ifs, and's or buts!

6.  Being "grinchy" and taking other's presents is just plain rude!  Better to go make friends, hold hands in a circle and sing some songs to a really big Christmas tree or floating star... whatever floats your boat.

7. You are only the worst parent EVER if you tell your kids there is no Santa... And just about every Christmas show there is PROVES that there is.

8.  Even broken, "misfit" toys in the clearance rack need a home... if you don't buy it, you might hurt it's feelings.  So feel bad for passing up that headless Barbie at Walmart!

10.  Life would definitely NOT be better had you never been born.  Although, there are a few people I wonder about...

11.  Snowmen don't REALLY melt... they go to live with the big guy up there... at the north pole!

12.  There is no such thing as a bad Christmas tree... Just ask Charlie Brown:

Or me:

Note that all the ornaments are paper and clustered around the bottom.  I just keep telling myself: "Hey, who needs ribbon, colored lights, ornaments, bulbs, tinsel, a star on the top?"  Not the Nutshell!  No way!  We utilize that white center-block, no curtains-cheap-blinds look.  Simplicity ROCKS!

And last but not least:

13.  Don't get your kid that "Red-Rider BB Gun" -- He WILL shoot his eye out! (Safer to go with the pink bunny PJs)


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