Friday, October 21, 2011

Dress Giveaway?! Help!!

I am really excited because I get to do another dress giveaway this year!  Instead of a gift cert. like last year, this year they want me to pick up to 3 dresses for the winner to choice in the give away... and they are all so cute, I can't decide!  So I am going to let you guys decide what dress you would like a chance to win.  The one with the most votes will be the one I will giveaway next week.

Here are the options that Shabby Apple has given us:

Women's Dresses

Da Vinci - Tuxedo III - Helena - Athena - Amethyst - Azure Coast - Moon River - La Noche Negra - Spanish Steps - Lighthouse - 24K - Ahoy - Any Patterned Skirt (Andes - Cecily - Humboldt Current - Izzie - Land Ho! - Louisa) - Teacher's Pet Skirt - Any of the 'Bows' skirts (Tess - Adelaide - Francine) - Too Darn Hot - Ski Bop - Boogie Woogie - Ballerina

Little Girls

Leave a comment and tell me your favorites!! (Pick at least 3 so I have a few to choose from!)



Shelly said...

I LOVE spanish Steps!!!! My favorite for sure!!!!

Shelly said...
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Heidi said...

These are my favs:

Ballerina, Ahoy!, Azure Coast, and Amethyst. :)

Marisa said...

I'm loving Spanish Steps, Ballerina, and Moon River!

Pinky Sade said...

I vote for Ahoy! 3 times! :)
gagaslab at gmail dot com

Our Family said...

Very cute dresses! I vote for Tuxedo III and the Azure Coat for the women's dresses. The 45 WPM dress for little girls is adorable!

Bridget said...

Those are way cute! I like the teacher's pet skirt, Azure Coast, and Ballerina, but it would be hard to choose!

Anika and Sean said...

My favorites are: Azure Coast, Spanish Steps & Boogie Woogie

Brandee said...

K my vote is for Spanish steps LOVE LOVE LOVE that one. I really love lighthouse and ahoy!!! Those are way cute