Thursday, October 13, 2011

1 Great Birthday + 1 Ugly Cake = Loads of Fun!

I bet you didn't know that turning 6 years old gives you certain super powers?  Well, according to Sam it does.

Me: "Hurry and get in your seat so I can buckle you in!"

Sam: "Mom, I can do it.  Now I am 6.  Six year old's know how to buckle up."

Me:  "You didn't yesterday..."

Sam:  "Yesterday, I was 5."

Although, after school, he wasn't sure if he was really 6 because someone else got sung to in class and got the big birthday sticker and Sam didn't.

Sam: "The girl in my class stole my birthday.  Now I don't have it anymore.  I think I am 5 again..."

Me:  "No, it's still your birthday.  Maybe they will sing to you tomorrow!"  I knew this was a common mistake because Sam has only been going to this school for a few days.

Sam:  "I don't think so, mom.  She stole it, my birthday."  Then after a few minutes of thought: "I think daddy can help me steal it back..."

Although his faith in is new age was challenged, he was reassured when he came home to birthday decorations, a pathetic excuse for a Captain America cake, and a small stack of presents.

 This was the stupidest cake mix I have ever used... the blasted thing would NOT stick together.  It was so crumbly that I could barely even frost it, and it kept falling apart and I had to stick it back together with chunks of frosting.  It was a near disaster!  I couldn't even get the little men to stay standing.  Yeah, the bad guy wasn't meant to be leaning back like he had just gotten shot and when someone hit the pause button.
 Sam didn't care though... he was just excited to get a little party just like he wanted!

 I am pretty sure we were breaking all kinds of housing rules by having lit birthday candles.
 The lit candles give a whole new meaning to the drama playing out on top of the cake.

 I think Sam was really pleased with his action figures...
 But THRILLED when he opened the doll he REALLY wanted!
I couldn't get him to stop pushing that blasted button long enough to take a picture.

All and all, despite the cake from Hades, the day was pretty darn fun!  I love birthdays!!



Heidi said...

You did an awesome job on the cake and party! Way to go! :)

Ruth said...

The cake is awesome!!!! :)