Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Warrior Song

About two years ago, my mom got this free t-shirt somewhere, I don't know the whole story, but she thought it was kind of cool and it reminded her of Ben so she gave it to him.

(Pictures from the website, too lazy too take my own)
Ben LOVES this t-shirt.  I am pretty sure it appeals to the soldier inside and provides optimal coolness with his manly buddies.

So we have had this shirt for two years and never bothered to actually LOOK UP the website mentioned on the shirt.  We were sitting on the bed one day and I asked him what "The Warrior Song" was.  He shrugged and so we looked it up.

And found that it was an organization that made a couple music videos to sell to help support the troops.  The song totally rocks and you can buy it for your ringtone for $2 or MP3 for a whooping $1!!  Check it out:

It is so military some of the lines make me laugh... too bad my phone doesn't support these kind of ringtones because I would totally put it as Ben's theme song!


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