Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Heck of a Baby Shower!

This week has been nothing short of crazy!  Not only have my hat sales started picking up again, but running the kids back and forth to school, making doctor appointments, trying to keep the laundry and dishes from taking over the house, AND still giving the baby time to nap... let's just say it's a good thing my body breathes on it's own or I might not find the time to do it!

Last Saturday, I threw my first baby shower for one of my best friends.  She's one of those friends that are totally loyal!  She has always been there for me when I needed help or just someone to talk to, so I was bound and determined to be there for her when she needed me.  And I really wanted to be the one to throw her a shower!  I hadn't done it before, but I have seen so much cute and fun stuff out there these days, that I just couldn't help but want to do it.  Pathetically, I was planning her shower BEFORE she even got pregnant!  Laugh if you want, but I really did!

I made cute invitations, invited all our friends plus some, and I made a diaper cake.  My first one.  Just looked a bunch of pictures and kind of figured it out on my own.  Here's how it turned out:
As you can see, I am a true believer of not wasting space, so I stuffed that cake with everything I could fit in there!

We had a pretty good turn out and my friend got lots of cute things!
My only regret, is that maybe it was too much for her!  All the ladies that came were mom's and you know how us moms get when we get together at a shower... everyone has to share their labor and delivery stories... the good and the bad... it all comes out.  I say that it may have been too much, because about 20 min after the party, my friend went into labor.

She called me a few hours later and told me that she thought she was in labor.  My first thought was, that she  is new to this whole thing and is probably just having braxton-hicks.  So I told her I would go to her house and we could time them.  Ben was home, but had to leave to some ROTC thing in an hour, and I figured I would go over to her house, calm her down and be home before he left.

However, when I got to her house, the second she opened her door I knew she was in labor.  After having 3 of my own I recognized the look, the stance, and the painful facial expression.  Her contractions were 2 mins apart and lasting almost a min.  My instincts told me that I needed to get her to the hospital.  She wasn't due for another 3 and half weeks and still considered pre-term by like 3 days.  Her husband was at work, so we called him and told him to met us at the hospital as soon as he could get away.  I grabbed her bag (lucky she had been "nesting" that week and had everything ready already) and her purse and we headed toward my apartment.  She was complaining of intense back labor and that was all to familiar to me because I had it with my first two and it is a huge red flag that the baby may be posterior (face up) but I am no doctor... All the same, I knew where to put pressure on her back and hips to relieve some of the pain.  It was a long walk back to my place because we kept stopping for every contraction.  Once we even ran into some teenage boys who looked at us suspiciously.  One asked if my friend was okay. I told him that other than being in labor she was fine.  Their eyes got wide and I can only imagine what was racing their their heads... like any second a baby was going to be shooting out or something.

We made it to my place, and I called around like crazy for a babysitter.  Ben HAD to go, but so did I!  After calling just about everyone in my contact list, I found a church friend who came to the rescue and my friend and I were in no time getting in my mini van.  BUT she picked the wrong night to go into labor... there was a college football game just getting out and the traffic was HORRID!  No one was letting us out of the parking lot and I just about jumped out and starting yelling to let us through... but just when I was about to make the public spectacle, someone took pity on us and we were out. Even though the hospital was only a few blocks away we had to take a million detours because of the game and the traffic...

Her husband was waiting for us with a wheel chair, and we made it into the hospital, checked in and just as she sat down in the hospital bed her water broke.

It was a long night.  The labor was long and she was in a lot of pain.  I thought her husband was going to slap me a few times too... like when I told him not to ask her questions during a contraction.  "She can't answer you," I kept telling him.  I thought she was really sweet and nice to her husband, because I kept thinking if Ben had said or done that to me when I was in labor, he would have experienced severe pain and may have come out with more bruises than I did!  But all in all, her husband was great!  He was really optimistic, held her hand through most of it, he wouldn't even take a nap and we were there for about 20 hours or so.  What a trooper!

During her pregnancy she told me may times that she didn't handle pain very well.  So she told me what she wanted in case she couldn't answer the doctors and nurses or couldn't think straight.  I was able to answer a lot of the questions, so I was glad I was there to help her.

I think the most amazing part though, was being there for the birth.  It is totally different to be standing on the side of the bed rather than being the one in it.  And I felt honored to get to be part of the support team to bring a new baby into the world.  My friend's husband and her mom held her hands, and my job was hold her leg and telling her when to push while the hubby counted.  I also gave her a commentary... I would have wanted to know what was going on... and helped by telling her how great she was doing.

Baby was born and cute as a button!  He was a tiny thing, barely over 5 pounds... but very long at 19 in.  I snapped a bunch of pictures for them... mostly to keep myself from crying my eyes out!  It was such a rush, the whole experience!  The emotions and feelings in the room were amazing when that baby made his debut.  I love this picture and I think it says so much:

(I had a super cute picture here, but my friends never got back to me to give me the okay to use it.  So just use your imagination... thanks!)

They are all coming home from the hospital today and I just wanted to tell them congratulations and thanks for letting me be a part of their story.


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