Saturday, September 3, 2011

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Just recently, over the summer, Sam has developed a new irritating quality... he has become quite the little liar.  Which is totally weird for me because he has always told me the painful truth no matter what.  But for some reason, he has discovered lying.

I think it started as it always does.  Something gets broken or the baby is woken up and Sam decided that he didn't want to get in trouble and blamed Nephi.  When it worked, BAM he found a new strategy.  It may have worked a while until we actually witnessed something he did and then he blamed it Nephi... then we discovered that he had become a little falsehood teller.

It may not be so bad, I mean we know what's up... but the fact is, that he is starting to tell Big Fish tales now.  Making up stories and/or events that never happen.

For example:  You know that funny little dimple he has on the top of his cheek:
Well, my grandpa came up to me and asked me about "Sammy's Scar".

"What scar?" I asked.

"The one on his face," he said.

"He doesn't have a scar on his face..."

"Well, I thought it was a dimple, but when I asked Sam about it he told me that when he was a baby you cut him with scissors."  I inwardly gasped!  The little liar!  For grandpa's benefit, though, I rolled my eyes, acting like it wasn't a huge deal and explained that he was lying and that it was, in fact, an oddly placed dimple.

I have to wonder, though, what he tells his teacher's at school!  His friends? People at church?  And will people really believe his bizarre tales?  I sure hope not!

How do you teach your kids honesty?



Catherine Metz said...

You would be absolutely amazed what little guys tell their teachers. We don't know whether to be amused (yes, we do) and credibility is always in question.

Geoff Alaishuski said...

I forget what self-help dvd was (may have been 7 habits) but he was talking about how he worked with his children regarding being honest. He said that he MADE IT A POINT to know that he would NEVER get angry at his children no matter what they did as long as they told him the truth. And he promised to stick to it. But if he found out they didn't tell the truth, that's when the lumber would be laid down. The hard part is holding your part of the bargain. But if you can, and you reinforce it, he said it worked wonders.