Friday, September 30, 2011

Friendship Friday: What it's All About

You are probably wondering why I am doing a friendship day.  How much can you possible talk/ write about friendship?

One thing I have learned while being an Army Wife, is that there are so many people out there that have no idea how to make friends.  Sure they can hide behind the computer and make friends online, find people they have stuff in common with, and basically survive socially without even leaving the comfort of home.  There is nothing wrong with making friends online, I do it every day, but I also believe in moderation in all things.  And too much computer isn't healthy.  We need to get out and do things... make friends!  Face to face, physical contact with other people... we NEED that.  We need people to be there physically for us, when times get tough.  But with all this wonderful technology, we as a whole have become too comfortable with making friends over the internet,  but can be really awkward when you have to make them in person.

Another thing I have noticed about people is missed friendship opportunities.  I can't tell you how many people who have crossed my path, briefly or longer, neighbors, family members, etc that I know could have been really good friends.  But petty things come up like envy, jealously, shallowness, to name a few, that stop it from happening.  I have told my husband more than once, several times in fact:  "If so-n-so would just get over themselves, we could be such good friends!  We have so much in common!!"

It really makes me sad... those missed opportunities.

Now, just to get things straight, I am not the most popular person in the world.  In fact, I can count my closest, most trusted friends on two hands.  The point is, I have close, trusted friends -- people I can call on when I need them the most.  Lots of people don't.

What I want to accomplish with these Friday posts, is a celebration of friendship... the chance to think about the people that mean the most to us, ways we can make more friends, and above all else:  how WE can be better friends.  I want all of us to open our minds and our eyes and see life, people, and ourselves like we never have before.

With my Military Monday posts, I give a topic at the end of the post for others who want to join in to write about on their blogs if they want to.  My goal is make a network of women who know a little something about military life and are willing to share it with those who don't.  With Friendship Friday, I want to leave my readers with a challenge instead.  Since no one is perfect, we have things we need and want to work on. With the holidays coming up, the very seasons of giving, friendship, service, gratitude, I think this is a perfect time to look within ourselves, make some goals, met those goals, and come out better people for it.  I will also be doing my own challenge, because there are lots of things I want to work on too.  So who is with me?  Who wants to challenge themselves to be better people, step out of our comfort zones (At least out of the house!), make new friends, and generally be happier?

Anyone can join, you don't have to have a blog.  Just as long as you can share somehow whether in a post on a blog, comment on Facebook, or on here.  For those of you who want to blog about friendship, here is a button you can use:

First challenge:  For one week, give a sincere compliment to a different person each day.  You can do online or in person.  But at least ONCE it has to be in person.  (You get extra kudos if it is to a person you have a struggle with liking).  Next Friday, either write a post about it, or come back and leave a comment on how it went.


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