Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When I Get 300....

Okay, so I made a goal this week to get my "follower" count to 300, as most of you know because I have been nagging about it in every "PS" to my posts all week.  Normally I wouldn't mind much, I have enjoyed watching the "followers" go up slowly these last couple years.  But my OCD kicked in when I saw that I was close to an even 300 "followers" and now it's driving me nuts!  Silly, I know... but there it is!

So to motivate you to spread the word and get that number up, I am going to give you a peek as to what I am giving away when I reach the big Three-Zero-Zero (or more, I won't complain).

So two lucky winners will get one of these:

My Happy Halloween Hat:
 My Happy Fall Flower Hat:
And... a third winner will win a surprise hat I haven't decided about yet... BUT I will let you know all when I get to that lucky 300!  So if you are totally coveting my hats, go spread the news!  And if you don't, well, spread it anyway.

How to spread the word (Just in case you are blog-challenged, or just need an idea)
1. Blog about this.
2. Share on Facebook, by clicking the like button on the top of this post under the title.
3. Tweet about it!
4. Tell your friends by any way you want.
5. Pin on Pinterest.com

Or any other way you wanna.  Up to you.

Meanwhile, I am staring at these super cute hats... if they can't be claimed soon, I will be forced to keep them for myself!

NOTE: This post is NOT the giveaway.  I will let you know when it is up!!


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Alicia said...

I'm realizing I follow your site, but I was following annonymously. There's one more for you. I wonder who else is following annonymously? You might be well over 3oo!