Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So He Says...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love being a mom?  I have?  Like every other day?  Well, I do!  I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have.  Sure we've had our issues, especially with Sam's speech/ language impairment, but the hard times made the sweets ones that much better!

Back when Sam couldn't talk, about 2 years ago, (he didn't start really talking until he was a little over 4 years old) I would often wonder what he was thinking.  I knew he was thinking deep thoughts by the way his face was squish up when he was trying to solve a problem or puzzle.  He would play computer games with actual plots and pretty much get was going on because he was doing it... so I would wonder all the time: "What is going on in that little head of his!"

Well, now that he talks, I am constantly blown away by his observations.  They aren't always right, but they are VERY clever and you can tell he put some real thought into them.  Like the other day, I heard this conversation going on in the other room between Sam and Nephi.

Sam:  "Nephi, do you know why you have freckles and I don't?"
Nephi: "I dunno.  Why?"
Sam:  "Because you eat pickles.  Pickles give kids freckles.  That's why I don't have freckles and you do!"

We all know that pickles don't give you freckles, but to a kid who knows nothing of skin pigments and genetics, they look for answers in other ways.  Sam figured out that one of the only things they do different is pickles.... funny kids.

Sam told me the other day that he was a pretend "bad guy."  I asked him what a bad guy did and he told me that "bad guys" make the "happy kids" mad.  This made me laugh...

I am not ashamed to admit that I spy on my kids just to listen to their little dialogues... they seriously crack me up!  Like right now, they are playing "Flying Pirate Ships."  But Sam can't say "Ship" right so I hear him in there yelling, "Watch out!  It's flying pirate sh*t!!"  Too bad I was taking a swig of water when I heard it, took me by surprise and made it come out my nose... hate it when that happens!

Then, I think I mentioned it before, but Sam started telling white lies.  Just today, he told me that he ate all his lunch so he could now have a Popsicle?  I went in the kitchen to check it out and came upon this scene:
   Take a real close look and see if you can find Sam's lunch...  Found it yet?  Look here:
Are you kidding me?  He must think I am pretty stupid! Only the worst hiding place for uneaten food in the whole room!

Never a dull moment with my kids.... not a one...
On another note, before I sign off.  I updated the "About Daddy Nut Page", so pop by and check it out!

Also, I am still looking for a few more followers (13) to reach my goal of 300.  I know I don't have a lot of bloggers reading my blog, so they don't click that follow button, but I would really like to see it reach 300 anyway... so spread the word!  I will be giving a few hats away when I reach the goal!

The 120 mile challenge is almost over!  Can't believe that summer is coming to an end!!  I will be having some other weight loss stuff going on through the winter so don't forget to check back often.


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