Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I got a call this morning around 10:30 am from Sam's new school that he will be attending kindergarten this year. They wanted us to come in for another evaluation.  I was confused because we already did one of those when we registered, but they told us that that was to see if your child needed special help, this one was to show their progress when they took it again at the end of the year.  All right, I told them, we'd be there in 30 minutes.

So I pumped Sam up for it by letting him wear one of his new school shirts.  We drove over to the school and found our way to the kindergarten class.  As we stood there waiting for our turn, Sam took the opportunity to study the class room and the layout.  Sam doesn't always share his thoughts, so I found myself wondering what he was thinking.  "What do you think of this class?" I asked him.

"I don't like this class," he told me. "It's scary.  I like the other one better." He pointed across the hall.  The "scary" class room we were standing in had charts and pictures all over the wall in no apparent order whatsoever... basically, the layout of any average K classroom.  However, the one across the hall was totally in order!  The pictures were all lined up, tables nice and straight, matching chairs, the books were all organized... a child with OCD's dream come true!  I hope he gets that class,  I thought, or he would always be trying to sneak in there!

When it was our turn, Sam sat down and started answering all the questions asked by the teacher.  He got a little frustrated and bored with her because she kept talking to him in a baby voice.  Ben and I are not baby talkers, and Sam's last teacher wasn't that way either... so it bothered him.  So Sam being Sam, he turned the tables on the unsuspecting teacher and started testing her and treating her like a baby.  We always tell Sam that if he acts like a baby we will treat him like a baby.  I guess he was thinking along the same lines.

He told her all the letters, upper case and lower case, and their sounds.  But when she asked him to write them, he started messing with her.  Sam knows ALL his letters.  How do I know?  Because he writes them all over the walls in his room!  So he started writing a bunch of "i"s and then looked sideways at her to see if she noticed.  She just kept saying "good job" and would take notes.  Finally, I said, "Sam, stop messing with her and write them the right way!"  She looked confused for a moment until she saw Sam's sly grin then understood that he was testing HER and he thought SHE didn't know HER letters.  So we erased them and he wrote the right ones.... little turd.  THEN I noticed that when he wasn't sure on one, he would look at the back of the class for a second, and then act like he remembered it then wrote it down.  I got a little suspicious and looked behind me where he was looking.  There posted on the wall were all the numbers and the alphabet... the little sneak was CHEATING!

When he was done she congratulated him on knowing all his upper and lower letters.  I then said, "You are aware, aren't you, that he was cheating?"

"What?" She looked totally confused.  I pointed to the wall where they were all posted.  She looked shocked.  "I have NEVER had a kid do that before!  I can't believe he thought to do that!"  Well, I thought, so far, I am not impressed... how could she not know?  Mine can't be the only kid that noticed that... right?  "Well," she said, "I will give him points for being resourceful..." So is that what you call it these days?

The math was a joke.  She kept pointing to these pictures she wanted him to count and he was looking at the numbers and the equation.  I don't think she saw that he was doing the math without the picture help... He has been doing stuff like that for a couple years now.  I hope the pictures don't confuse him too much... I guess we will see.


Sam got a high score on his evaluation... Most of it was from cheating.  Yeah, I would have the kid that cheated on a kindergarten evaluation test.  Go figures!  These teachers are in for a real treat this year with Sam.  He may not talk much, but he is clever, "resourceful", sneaky, manipulative, and too smart for his own good!  He will have them so snookered, it won't even be funny! (Actually, it will probably be hilarious!)


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Heidi said...

Hahaha that's awesome!! He is such a smarty pants! Love it :D