Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sandals to Die For!

Do you like cute sandals?
I adore them!!  Especially these ones:
You can find some of the cutest ones I have ever seen here:  fibi & clo: New York.  They sent me the first pair above to try out.  I was excited, but no matter what I told myself, I couldn't escape the knowledge that I have seriously wide feet and the only sandals that have ever fit me come in the form of Men's Flip Flops.  Sad isn't it.  People don't believe me when I tell them that my feet are too wide for feminine sandals or heels.  I will say, "Can't wear those, I have really wide feet..." "Oh, that's okay, so do I!" I look down at their feet fitting perfectly into some cute sandals and I say to myself, "you have no idea what wide feet are..."
Sad... they are almost too wide for my men's flip flops too...
Not only are my feet super wide, they are short too.  So they are as wide as a woman's size 11, but as long as a woman's size 7... how uncool is that?  So I miss out a lot on life... cute boots, cute sandals, cute high heels... bummer.

These darling sandals weren't any different.  My fat feet fit in the sandal but they were all skewed and hanging off the sides in all the wrong places.  BUT I wasn't about to let gorgeous sandals go to waste... I have a taller, prettier, slenderer sister, Amy, who has these long graceful feet... she got most of the good physical genes our family pool has to offer.  The only thing I have over my younger sister, is that every one thinks she's the oldest one... Mwahahaha... When we were younger, I hated that, but now this baby face is coming in handy!  Here we are about a year ago:
Lots of people think we are twins too... I can't see it.

Anyway, my dear little sis has PERFECT sandal feet... rude... so I sent my pair of lovelies (*cry*) onto her.  She LOVES them!  She told me that they are really comfy for sandals, she is able to walk to church in them without them hurting her feet like other sandals, and she gets lots of compliments on them.  Rock on!  (I am totally jealous!)

So pop on over to fibi & clo and check out all their fabulous designs!  Did I mention that Military Wives get a discount?  And it's a good one too!  Normally the shoes are $45, military wives get them for $34.99.  (Discount available only through AAFES) I am all about discounts... and cute shoes! (Even if my feet are too fat:()


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Amy said...

Pfft!!!! Whatever!! More I am not those things! Cat exaggerates. But about the sandals.. I LOVE them!!! At first I only wore them to church, but then I started wearing them with my other outfits too. They are fun and shiny in the sun. I have gotten tons of compliments on them... and I have never gotten compliments on my shoes before. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to try out these awesome sandals. I would love to have gotten more!!! Haha :)