Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Renting Text Books??

How many of us students have nightmares and severe anxiety about buying text books?  I dread it at the beginning of every semester.  It infuriates me how they suck the life out of students who have no choice but to fork over the big bucks.  This semester, Ben got 4 books and paid over $600!!!!  Nearly giving me a heart attack!  Not only do they raise tuition every year by a large margin, but books go up and up and up.  Seriously, if the government wants more people to get educated they should take a look at text book industries and cutting some costs there.

Then after they ream you at the beginning of the semester, they assure you that you can sell them back at the end and get some money back.  Emphasis on "some".  "Oh, I am sorry you spent $300 on this book... here's $3 back!  Have a nice summer!"  Then there's this: "Oh, it bites you paid $250 dollars on this book, we aren't buying this one back... sorry."  They aren't sorry! Grrrr....

So, you can imagine my excitement that you can now RENT text books!!!  No kidding!  It's called CampusBookRentals.com!  Not only are their prices good, but they offer FREE SHIPPING both ways!  Score!  So you can imagine my fury when Ben came home with his new text books, conveniently forgetting that I wanted to try this out!!  AHHHHhhhhh!  I think I am going to make him take them back.... Because I really want to try this out!

You should too!!


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Carrie and Karl said...

I've never rented, but I often bought the old edition of the books from amazon. the only real differences are the page numbers, but I'm smart enough to read the right chapters instead of the page numbers listed. And my books were typically $30-80 total instead of $300-400.