Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Self-Esteem and the Kiddos

Don't we all love the fact that kids are brutally honest?

I think my Sam takes the prize.  If there was an award for the tactless, my Sam would get first place (My husband a close runner up, as much as I love him).  Not a week goes by that my 5 year old doesn't remind me that I have the biggest butt in the house.  So what if I do?  Does he have to point it out every chance he gets?

He isn't trying to be mean.  Sam thinks he just pointing out some obvious fact that I may have forgotten.  I may be blond, but not to the point that I would forget something like the size of my behind.

Ben tries to be supportive:  "Well, just look at it this way," he would say to me, "If you keep working as hard as you are, you won't have the biggest butt in house for much longer!"  What a sweet, sweet man!  Way to comfort your wife!

I try to not let it get to me.  I laugh it off.  But after a while it makes me a little peevish.

Yesterday, the boys and I were walking out of Walmart.  When we got to our van, Sam pointed out a rather large lady unloading her cart into her trunk.  I try to not to judge, but she wasn't the best kept person.  She was easily over 300 pounds, she had a terrible blond dye job and her t-shirt was soiled and had holes showing her bra and stomach.

Anyway, I won't have given her much notice, but Sam pointed at her and yelled, "Look Mommy!  She looks just like YOU!"  I could have died.  Right there in the Walmart parking lot.  She turned, looked at me and smiled (Ekk... missing teeth too!).  I guess Sam really paid her a compliment, not to be rude (okay, maybe a little).  First day in a long time, I take my time to do my hair, makeup, wear my cute clothes (Ben was coming home from training and I wanted to look hot), and Sam ruins everything by pointing out my less classy twin.

Is that what he thinks I look like??  Seriously??

Feeling peevish... for lack of a better term.  Maybe sitting around and stewing for a while will make me feel better.  No... I think getting my butt kicked by P90X is a much better fix.



Annie said...

Oh I just laughed out loud while reading this! I think you are beautiful, if that makes you feel any better :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when my girls were little and one of them told me she never wanted to look like me. She is an adult with 4 of her own now and I still dangle it out there every once in a while...."remember when you said" "No, Mom I don't remember except through you".

Bitchy Army Wife said...

Oh kids. You have to love them. They will learn when they get a bit older that it really does hurt people's feelings when you point stuff like that out and they won't do it as much. My son was just like yours at 5 and now at almost 11 he isn't because he worries about making someone feel bad.