Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Great Escape

I should have known that Sam could not have a normal day at kindergarten like all the other kids... oh, no.  Not my kid!

Sam is in the afternoon kindergarten class and Ben and I thought it would be fun for him to ride his bike to school the first day with daddy.  Then after school, Ben would pick him up on his bike and they could ride home together.  Full proof plan right?  Wrong.

This morning, Ben went to the store and bought Sam a combination bike lock, and the plan was that we would know the combo and could unlock the bike for him after school.  If his bike was locked up, then he couldn't try to take off before one of us could get there.

I took Nephi to pre-school and Ben took Sam to his new school.

 Ben and I enjoyed our two hours of freedom.  We went to lunch... Ben took a nap.  Then I went off to pick up Nephi and when we came home, I tagged Ben to go get Sam.  We had about 10 minutes before Sam's school let out.  So Ben went out side and just as he hopped on his bike, guess who comes riding around the corner... yep, Sam.  First off, school wasn't out yet... and here comes our first day kindergartner zipping home on his bike all alone.

"SAM!  What are you doing home!?" I said feeling a little ticked off that his teacher had let him go home alone.

"School is over.  So I came home.  All by myself!" He said rather pleased with himself.  I was so angry I didn't know what to say!  He had to cross like 3 semi-busy streets to get home!  And he is only 5!!!!  Ben was angry too and we didn't know what to say... what could you?

I made Ben take him back to the school to have a little chat with the teacher.  As soon as they left, there was a knock on my door.  It was one of the school aids looking for Sam.  Apparently, he had decided he was done and just left!  I told her that he made it home safe and that my husband took him back to school to talk to the teacher and return a backpack full of school supplies he had kifed on the way out.

Ben called me soon after and told me that his teachers were all in a panic looking for him.  They had told the kids to go out in the hall and get their backpacks so they could put their papers in them.  Apparently, Sam figured that was it and decided to just come home, so he left.  He rode his bike the three quarters of a mile home, the cross guards helped him cross the streets, and he made it home all by himself.  If I wasn't so mad at him, I would be proud at how resourceful, sneaky, creative, and brave he is.... but right now, I'm just a little ticked.

Then the question remained: How did he know the combo to his lock??  He had watched Ben do it ONE TIME and memorized it.  The little turd!  So guess what we did when he got home?  We drove over to Walmart and got a new bike lock with a key.  Ben gets one and get one.  Sam does not.

I feel bad for his teacher... she is really in for ride this year with my kid.  Good luck!



Sasha :) said...

Good that he is safe!

Samantha @ three birds on a branch said...

That is very scary. I'm impressed that a little 5 year old was able to get home on his own. I'm glad that he is safe though.

Tami Griffith said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I laughed so hard, I nearly cried! I have a "resourceful" child myself. I am super happy he is safe, and sorry for your husbands and your cause for worry- It's because he is safe that I could laugh with you... You are laughing, right? :0)

Our Family said...

Man, that little Sam is a smart kid! I'm so glad he made it home safe!

Anne said...

New follower here! This had to be entirely too scary but it gave my husband and I both a laugh when I told him the story!