Friday, August 5, 2011

Fat Butt Friday: I Can ALMOST See a Muscle!!

Ben and I have 1 more week of phase 1 left of the P90X program.  In just 3 weeks I have lost almost 2 inches all over my body!  I can barely keep my happy jig inside... okay, so I didn't... but I am not going to show it to you so don't ask!

Ben has lost 10 pounds, but gained a ton of muscle too!  He walked past me this morning with no shirt on, and I had to take a double take momentary thinking their was a strange man with no shirt on sneaking around my house!  He has been showing off his muscles all day and bragging about his amazing feat of doing the whole Ab-X program without stopping.  Just rub it in...

I am trying my best.  And I never fail to work up a great sweat.  I have more chub to get off than he does, but considering the fact that I am not military and I am overweight, I think I am doing pretty dang good!  AND I flexed my arm today and I am starting to show a little definition!  I showed Ben.

"What am I looking at?" He asked me.
"Can't you see it?" I flexed a little harder.
"See what?"  I was getting frustrated.
"My muscle!!  Look you can see a little crease!" I relaxed and flexed again.  He squinted a little looking harder.
"Oh.... okay... I think I see it..."  What is he, blind!?  I smacked his arm with displeasure.  He was suppose to be supportive and lie!  Come on, Husband 101 -- "No, that dress doesn't make your butt look big..."

The important thing is that I see the difference!  And I CAN see some muscle in my arm!  My arms have always been the weakest part of my body and so they are the hardest to training.  So I am excited to see what this program will do for me in that department.  I guess only time and hard work will tell!

The end of next week we will be taking our 30 day pictures, I can't wait to see how just thirty days of P90X changed us... pictures never lie (unless they are photoshopped).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Note to 120 Mile Challengers:  Congrats to everyone who has already reached their goal!  High five!  I haven't been doing it as hard as I should have since I started my new program.  But the point of this challenge is to keep everyone active over the summer and in shape... it really doesn't matter how you do it, just that you do!  On another note, I haven't been able to get the sponsors that I wanted for this challenge.  So when it's over, I will giving away some of my hats, a couple gift certs for my etsy shop, and a discount for the rest who made the 120.  Ben has also offered to give one person some free online coaching as a personal trainer to help you met some of your goals, whether it is weight loss, muscle gain/ toning, or whatever. 
Thanks for participating!

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