Friday, August 19, 2011

Fat Butt Friday: A Busy Day!

I think we can all say that the end of August is ALWAYS a super busy time of the year.  Why?  Three wonderful, sweet words:  Back. To. School.

I don't know about you, but I am just about ready to drop kick my boys right out the door!  The end of the summer fighting and bickering has escalated to an all new high and I have lost so much hair due to stress, that I think I am starting to lose my eye brows as well!

Helicopter -- homemade style...
The boys and I hit the back to school sales today.  Wondering if they would actually have one of those summer growth spurts people talk about, I actually measured them in the doorway at the beginning of June and then did it again yesterday... My eyes just about bugged out when I saw that BOTH boys had shot up a whole inch each!  No wonder their pants are floating above their ankles... But nothing surprised me more than Sam's super growing feet.  At the beginning of the summer, I bought both the boys some summer tennis shoes.  I got them a little big so they would last the so called "growth spurt" that magically happens over the warm months.  A few weeks ago, Sam started complaining that his feet hurt in his shoes... I basically told him to suck it up, there was no way he could have out grown them and besides, I was up to his new tricks of manipulation to get new things that he wants.  The day before he saw some super hero of some sort (they're all the same to me) shoes and really wanted them.  I thought he was saying his shoes were too small so I would give in and buy him those Joe Super-Dude ones.

And THEN when he started limping around over exaggerating the smallness of his shoes, I would roll my eyes totally thinking he was milking it.  So when we went to get him some new school shoes, and I measured his feet on one of those children foot measurement mats, I was floored when I realized I had been squishing his little feet in size 10's when he was now a size 13!!!  I willingly step forward and accept the award for the worst mom of the year!

He is so short, he looks like he has clown feet with his new shoes on.  Ben said there was no way... so he measured his feet too and then did the toe pinch test on the end of the shoes.  Yep, they fit!  Our little guy is growing up so fast!!!

The boys were more than pleased with their clothes we got them today.  I was a little irked, though, about some of the new marketing ploys... since when was it cool to attach toys to shirts?  And ugly shirts too!!  It's like the designers sat around and thought, "Well, we have a million of these ugly shirts we didn't sell last year, how do we get rid of them?"  Joe-Shmoe in the corner comes up with a plan:  "Let's attach cheap toys to them!!" "Brilliant plan, Joe!  Suck the little suckers in with a free Made in China toy!"  Lots of back pats and hooyas!  And ticked off parents....

So now I have two ugly back to school shirts that look the same.  But hey, we got two cheep as dirt helicopters that will probably break two seconds out of the box... Oh, well.

All and all I was pleased with the deals we got anyway and the boys are ecstatic to start school... but not nearly as thrilled as I am!!  Even if it is just 2 hours a day... it's still two hours without yelling, bickering, and fighting over stupid things.... can't wait....

PS I need only 13 more followers to reach 300 followers!!!  Woo Hoo!!  When I do, I am going to celebrate by giving away a hat or two to some of my followers... so spread the word and lets reach that goal!!

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