Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Easy Online Photo Enhancements for the Photoshop Challenged!

I have been looking around online for a great place to edit my photos when I don't have access to my Photoshop.  When I was vacationing down south this last week, I found picnik.com... many of you probably already use it, but for those of you who have no clue about making your pictures fun and no spending a fortune for special programs, this site is great!  Here are a few pictures I edited on picnic... they look just as good as some of the ones I do on Photoshop.

So pop on over and check it out!  You can create an account for free, or just edit one pic at a time and save it to your computer, email it to your friends or post it on facebook.  You can also pay a little a month for some of their super cool extra features.

Happy editing!



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I paid $25.00 and I get to use all of Picnik's nifty features. I love them because it's totally simple to use.