Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camo Bedding... Too Good to Use!

I used to sell advertising space for Beyond-Bedding.Com but this year they asked me to review one of their products instead.  I was more than happy to oblige, especially when my eyes spotted this beauty:
This is from the site, NOT my kid's room... wish it was, though!
 Everyone here know how much my kiddo's like "Army Guy" Stuff.  So I picked this one to review: one of the several types of kid's Camo Bedding Sets.  I got this weekend, and the moment I opened it, I KNEW it was way too good for my boys.  I know they would damage it if I let them use it!

My boys are so destructive of things that, no kidding, they have gone through not 1 not 2, but 4 toddler beds, we have had 3 pack and plays, they have taken apart and ruined 2 desks, a couple book shelves, and numerous toy boxes.  Their toys never last either.  It's sad. And I have no clue how to stop the destruction!  Sam is the worst.  He has to take apart everything to see how it works... I am pretty sure it is genetic...

For example:

My dad, 1960's, 3 years old:  Takes the door off his mother's fridge.  At the age of 9 or 10 he cements a washer motor to his family's basement floor and makes a fountain that actually squirts water!  When he was 12 he took his own braces off because he didn't like them.

Ben, 8 years old (I think) takes apart his mom's new tiller to see how it works, then can't put it back together.  He still has to take everything apart, drives me nuts... only now he can mostly put it back together.

So I think I was jinxed to have a kid with curious genes coming from both sides of the family... I only wish that everything he gets has to suffer for it.

I really want to get the boys some twin beds.  But they are so pricey we can't afford them!  I have been looking on ksl.com and craig's list for some used ones, but we can't see to find one, or someone else gets them first.  They can fit in the toddler beds, but I am tired of them pulling the mattresses off, ripping up the frame and using it for things that no bed was meant to be used for!  If we had twin ones they would be heavy enough that the boys couldn't play with them.  I guess we will see....

Anyway, back to my review...

I got my bedding set in the mail today, and I went into the boys room to put it on one of the beds.  But when I pulled it out of the plastic, it was just too nice to put on their beds!  It was well made, beautiful vibrant colors, and soft!  I just couldn't bring myself to put it on one of their trashed beds! I knew they would either just take it off, ruin it, or shove it in some corner.  So I carefully folded it back up and put it away... away for a couple years until the boys gain more responsibly or they get some twin beds.  Either way, I want to have a nice set for a better apartment/ house and lifestyle.

So here's hoping for a better future yet to come!


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kisatrtle said...

Looks great. Heres hoping it lasts