Saturday, July 9, 2011

When Men Get Bored...

Doesn't the very thought make you worry?

How many of the men or boys in our lives get into the most trouble when they are simply "bored."

Being bored in our home means danger.  Instead of just planting fannies on the couch and playing video games, my boys like to get creative when they have nothing better to do.  If it isn't drawings on the wall, or food fights in my living room, it's some crazy invention... do you remember this post?

This week, Ben and the boys and the boys went to the D.I. (Deseret Industries Thrift Store) and found... are you ready?  Do you really want to know?  They found a broken zip line.  You can imagine the images that flashed through my head when they came home with THAT!  I knew the kind of things my boys (hubby included) could do with a zip line, broken or not!  Ben had also gone to HomeDept to get some parts to fix it.

It was no time at all, and the boys were zipping across our backyard.  And then it wasn't long before their friends came out and stood in line for a turn.  It was like a mini ride out there with Ben running the show.  Typical.

As long as they are having fun, being safe, and out of the house so I can clean it... I guess that's just fine.  But the minute I see mattresses sneaking out the door so they can tie them to the trees, well, I am putting my foot down!

For the safety and longer lives of their pants, though, I wish they would wear knee pads...



Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

You definitely win for coolest house on the block. I don't know anyone in my neighborhood with their own zipline!

K said...

That is really cool! Your husband is an engineer at heart :)

I think I gave my mom 100 gray hairs when I lived in Costa Rica; I went ziplining through the tops of the tallest trees frequently. But riding up high over trees that are close to 100 feet tall is one of the top most amazing experiences. So close to flying!

This is good practice for your boys in case they ever want to zip over trees one day :)

Our Family said...

It looks like they had so much fun! What a great dad!