Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Team Me Bites!

I know I have complained about it before, and everyone probably gets sick of my whining and complaining, but I have to tell you, when I have to play single mom I hate life.

Ben's gone for a few days this week.  He went to scout camp to help out and left me holding down the fort.  What's three days right?  Last month he was gone for 3 weeks... if I could do that, I can do this.  Most days go alright, but some days, like today, I feel like locking myself in the bathroom with a gallon of ice cream.

This morning started at 3 am when the baby woke up with a fever.  He got his 4 month shots yesterday and shots tend to give my boys mild fevers.  Then he wouldn't go back to sleep.  He cried.  He woke up my other two who figured it was morning and wanted to watch cartoons.  I threatened them and they eventually went back to bed.  Baby finally feel asleep at 6.  Seven A.M. and my alarm goes off.  Great...  I roll myself out of bed wished that I could just roll back in.  But Nephi had an interview with a preschool I would like him to go to.  It's the same one Sam went to, only since Nephi hasn't any "issues" they take only a few "normal" kids and they have to go through an interview process and make sure they are "good examples" to the other kids.

So I jumped into the shower, threw on my clothes, woke the baby up, changed him, dressed him, feed him, strapped him into the baby carrier.  Woke the boys up, fed them, forced them to get dressed after asking nicely 10 times.

By the time I got all three into the mini van, I needed a nap.  Or at least a Diet Coke.

We got to the school, dropped Nephi off and ran to the store.  Sam begged for a doughnut the whole time and the baby was screaming his head off.  Then all the cash registers were closed but the self-checkout lines.  I almost lost my cool when Sam started taking all the items out of the bag as I put them in there.  It made the computer mad at me and pretty much accused me of trying to steal.  I finally had to slap his hands because he just wouldn't stop and the lady that worked there was really getting impatient with us.

I was filled with mommy-rage as I marched the kids out to the car, where Sam was still mad that I didn't get him the doughnut with all the frosting and frills.  Life is hard when you're 5.

Baby cried all the way home and Sam screamed at me and told me I was mean and stupid... way to make a mom feel good about herself.

By the time I got home, got the kids out, put the food away, feed the baby, it was time to go get Nephi.  So off we went again.  Baby cried in his seat... he wanted to take a nap and didn't want to be in the car.  Sam was mad because I wouldn't let him take a backpack full of toys.  I tried to tune them out, but it's hard when you're tired and have a head ache!

Well, I am pretty sure Nephi won't be making it in the preschool.  What makes me think that?  Well, the way the teacher practically dropped kicked him out the door and called to me:  "We will call YOU." was a bit of a dead giveaway.  Bummer.  I wanted something special for Nephi, he tends to be over looked a lot because Sam is so loud and bossy, and the baby is... well, just a baby.  I guess we will see...

Anyway, the boys fought all the way home and the baby still cried.  We got home, I went to my room to feed the baby and found that when I came out the boys had cut up a bunch of paper all over the living room and tried to make their own lunch... cereal and milk all over the place.  I quickly fed them and then put them in quiet time.  Finally got the baby to sleep and went to check on the boys... they had climbed up high in their room and pulled down the box of legos... LEGOS EVERYWHERE!

I was too numb to even cry.

Did I mention they also had a sharpie and drew all over themselves and the walls?

I made them pick up the Legos, eat dinner, and then I threw them in the bath.  Baby started crying.  I fed him then went in to check on the boys.  They had dumped most of the bath water out and flooded the bathroom.  They soaked all my spare T.P., the rugs, and their clean clothes.  It took 7 towels to clean up all the water.

I made them go to bed early.  I took out every toy and anything they climb on.  All they have are their beds, a blanket and pillow each.  This mom has had enough!

Now, I am going to feed the baby once more, and then hit the sack.  This day is officially over!  Only one more day to go without my man, hopefully tomorrow will be easier...  fingers and toes crossed!



The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I got tired and frustrated for you just reading this! You poor mama!! If I lived next to you, I would take your kiddos so you could go relax and take a breather!!! Hugs to you and hope your hubby comes home soon!

Heidi said...

Oh dear what a hard day :( I'm so sorry for how your day went. I hope it's better tomorrow. You deserve a long break. Hope Ben can take the two oldest for a little while so you can get a nap in at least. Best of luck!! Wish I could be there to help you out!

Issa said...

Oh, sweetie, being a single mom is hard work even if only for a little while! Cut yourself some slack, I'm sure you're doing a way better job than it feels. You also know you can reach out to me if you need a shoulder, an ear, or somebody to eat ice cream with over the phone while we both hide in our bathrooms!

Hugs and love to you and the boys. Xoxo

K said...

That is a day out of the Twilight Zone :) Hang in there. I hate days like that, and I really think the thing that sets it all off is the lack of sleep. When I get enough sleep I just sort of let things roll over me, but when I have had only a few hours of sleep I am so grumpy, and snap so quickly. Here's hoping the next night and day will be a better one for you!

Ruth said...

Its like they KNOW when we are weak! Sorry you had such a hard couple of days! Thanks for sharing though! We have all had those days!