Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Mysterious Bump

Yesterday at dinner, Nephi was complaining about his food and told us that his tooth hurt and he didn't want to eat.  I just thought he was making up excuses and ignored him.  Sam is always making up excuses not to eat what I cook, like he thought he saw a bug in it or something, and I figured he was just rubbing off on Nephi.

But last night around midnight I was woken up by Nephi crying in his room.  He kept saying that his mouth hurt.  So I gave him some Tylenol and he went to sleep.  Then a few hours later he was crying again.  This time I sent Ben in to snuggle and comfort him and then a couple hours later he was crying again.  But this time I noticed that the right side of his jaw was swollen and there was like this bump there.  My first thought was his tooth was bad or something and he screamed when I touched his tooth.  So I waited until the dentist office opened and I gave them a call.  Luckily, they had had a cancellation and could take us right in.

We took him in and they took 3 different types of x-rays and found... nothing.  It wasn't his teeth, but there was a huge painful bump right on his jaw bone!  The dentist was confused and sent us over to an oral specialist.  He was a bit mystified too and said he thought it was either an infection of some really long name I can't remember, or a cyst.  So he gave me some prescriptions for pain and the infection and we made an appointment to come back tomorrow.

The pain killer helps him for about 2 hours.  Then he cries and whines for an hour until he can take more.  I don't know if the antibiotic is working, I think we will know in the morning if the swelling has gone down.  But as of tonight, the bump has gotten bigger... so I don't know.

What I do know is that my little guy is really hurting and I HATE it when my babies are sick and I can't help them!  I wish I could fix it...  but all I can do is stand by with the pain killer, lots of lovies, cold drinks with straws, and ice-packs.
You can see how his right jawline is swollen here.  There is a crazy hard bump in there!  Poor little chap. Hope he can get some sleep tonight... he sleeps and we all sleep!

PS-- The babies from the last post:  #1 is Jacob, #2 Sam, and #3 is Nephi.  Congrats to those who got it!  (Heidi:  I can't believe you missed it! lol  Just means we need to see you more often!)


K said...

That sounds and looks painful. I feel for him and you. Please keep us posted. I hope he feels better in the morning, and that the doctors can figure out what the problem is and get rid of it :) Take care!

kmcaffee said...

Poor lil guy!!! Don't you just hate it when there is nothing you can do for them? Just curious....could it be mumps???

Carrie and Karl said...

I hope you figure it out soon! Having your children hurt is awful!