Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deja Vu

This morning I when I was feeding my little Jacob, I had this overwhelming since of Deja Vu... like I had looked at this face a long time ago too.  I was confused, then it hit me!  I ran into my bedroom and pulled out Sam and Nephi's baby books.  Ah Ha!  All my babies look the same!  I guess I only know how to make them one way.  That's fine, because they are cute as buttons!  But let's see if you can tell the difference... I thought I would make a little game and see if you guys can tell which baby is who!  Is it Sam, Nephi, or Jacob?
For those of you who don't know us in person, you can use the pictures of the boys in the left sidebar to compare.

****P90X Update****
On another note, we are still trekking away on P90X, haven't given up yet and no plan to!  I have been snooping around on the internet and checking out other reviews about the program, and it's kind of weird, but the people who didn't really like it were the ones that didn't follow the eating plan and the main guy bothered them.  One guy was totally critical and said he only lost 7 pounds and didn't look too much different, then at the end of the post he said that he didn't follow the diet, drank his wine, and ate chocolate on the weekends.  Can I just say, "Well, duh!"  Of course you aren't going to see much of a change if you aren't watching what you eat!  Weight loss and exercise go hand in hand!  You can only go so far just doing one or the other or not far at all!

The good reviews were the people who did the whole plan!  I am glad Ben and I are committed, because it hasn't even been a week and our pants are feeling a little loose!  That's what I call progress!!

***Pet Peeve of the Day***
People who text and drive.  Just THIS week my boys and I were almost hit 3 times by people who were texting!  REALLY ticks me off that they are so self involved that they give no thought to the safety of others.  They think that they are too good to get in an accident... WRONGO BONGO!  If they had been paying any attention at all, they wouldn't have almost t-boned, sideswiped, ran that stop sign, or see that little family walking ON THE SIDEWALK!  Good grief... if you have a death wish, leave the rest of us out of it.



Marisa said...

1-Jacob, 2-Sam, 3-Nephi!

Rachelle said...

Okay I'm making my guess on who is who in the pictures. I think baby #1 is Sam, baby #2 is Jacob, and baby #3 is Nephi!

Emily said...

I'm going with 1 = Jacob, 2 = Sam, 3 = Nephi.

Heidi said...

1- Nephi, 2- Sam, 3- Jacob

So what's my prize? ;)

Glad all is going well for you guys on the P90X, if anyone can stick to it you guys can! :)

Sorry people are so inconsiderate, especially since it's against the law. You could always record the license plate and report it. Not sure if they can do anything at that point but it might give them a wake up call.

Single Mama NYC said...

1 Jacob, 2 - Sam, 3 - Nephi.

Yes? Maybe? ;-D

Bitchy Army Wife said...

1-Sam 2-Jacob 3-Nephi. I'm probably totally wrong.

Glad you are liking p90x. I found it totally unsustainable but I've found an exercise program that is working for me. Everyone needs what works for them.

crystal said...

1-Jacob, 2- Sam, 3- Nephi :)