Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad Omens

Sammy (14 Mo. Old) Shopping at Walmart
Have you ever woke up in the morning and had this feeling that it wasn't going to be good day?  That the fates weren't smiling down on you, and you probably just shouldn't get out of bed?  I felt that way this morning.  I should have listened to myself, I really should have!  Here it is, not even 9 am, two out of three kids are still asleep and Ben is passed out on the bed after his P90X workout stinking up my room with his plyometric sweat smell, and his feet pointing at me adding to the unpleasant aroma -- and I have already had a full day of grumpy people and unfortunate incidents!

One of my close friends is 6 months pregnant and has to take that really long glucose test because she didn't pass the short one.  Her husband has to work today, and she was afraid to drive because she wasn't allowed to take certain meds that she needs during her "fasting" period.  So after my workout this morning, I gave her a ride to the clinic.  Then I thought, hey, what a great time to stop by the store and pick up a few items.

Tonight I am making a shrimp pasta dish, and I needed shrimp.  So I headed back to the seafood counter (I wanted the fresh stuff, not the frozen) and asked for 20 ounces of shrimp.  Most all diets that stress portion control measure in ounces, and that was what I needed.  I thought the lady behind the counter was going to have heart failure.  How dare I ask for ounces when her machine measures in pounds... she looked at me like I was a minion of Satan.  Surely I can't be the only one who wants my food measured in ounces?  She told me that I needed to tell her in pounds.  Hello?!  Doesn't she do this everyday?  Does she really not know how to convert?  It still amazes me how people have become so dependent on machines and computers to think for them!

Okay, I said, doing the math in my head... now I haven't taken a math class in 10 plus years, but I still know how to convert ounces into pounds!  So I took a second and did it in my head... well, one pound is 16 ounces... and 4 ounces left is a quarter of a pound, so I need 1.25 pounds of shrimp please.

Couldn't wait to get away from her...

Then I made the rest of my shopping rounds and picked up some veggies, pizza sauce, and I found my favorite sugar free teriyaki sauce!  

One thing I really like about shopping early in the day is that there are few people, great parking places, and super short lines!  I took Nephi to Walmart yesterday morning and it creeped him out!  He said: "Mommy?  Where are all the people?"

So, today I didn't have to wait in much of a line and was happily checking out when the checker got a little nasty with me because I was buying a few protein bars.  What the heck?  Is there something wrong with buying protein bars that I didn't know about?  He was all grouchy about it and threw them into a sack.  Got a mosquito in your pants, man?  It wasn't like I was standing there breastfeeding while buying a bunch of diet pills!  Good grief!  So after I passed him a few nasty glares of my own, I got out of there pronto!

If that wasn't bad enough, Sam almost attacked me when I walked in the door... he said that he thought I was bad guy coming in.  Made me laugh thinking he thought he could take on a bad guy... the little stud!  He was quickly distracted when he saw some granola bars in my bags.  My boys could live off those things!  When I went to get them out, though, my yummy teriyaki sauce bottle flew out and broke all over the kitchen floor!

Bad omens...

Hopefully, this day will end better then it started!  Fingers crossed!



K said...

Amazing what should be a simple trip means in reality! Even without all of the children hanging on to us, even with just one or even when we are alone, being a mom never leaves us entirely alone, a free woman :) I swear it takes me at least 45 minutes full of drama to do what used to take me 15 minutes without any emotional uprising at all!

Angela said...

That whole story is so ridiculously sad. Hope your days go better from here on out.