Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sundays & Bug Bites

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in a few days. The weather has been fantastic and I have been super busy with the kids outside, designing my husband's new website, or supervising Ben with his new grill (last time he had one, he almost burned down our trailer).

But just because I'm not here, doesn't mean stuff isn't happening, because it is! We have had an eventful weekend. We are an apartment full of strong willed spirits after all!

Ben and the boys have been busy going on bike rides. He has been teaching them how to use their brakes safely and proper bike etiquette. So naturally, they come home covered in new bumps and bruises -- Ben says they seem to be fearless and keep trying scary tricks landing them face first on the pavement (Nephi) or into a fountain (Sam). The fun just doesn't end!

Now on Sundays, we have this rule that we don't go out side in the back and play. We go to church then want to come home and have a "Day of rest". Family walks are all right, but we try to not get dirty or injured. Mainly because Ben and I want to have a day of peace to have long quiet times and naps for us weary parents. I often bake us a treat like cookies or brownies, and then we sit around and watch movies or play games. We have fun on Sundays. Never-the-less, though, every Sunday we fight with the boys over this rule. This last Sunday I had this same conversation with Sam:

Sam: "MOM! I want to go outside and play!"
Me: "No, it's Sunday."
Sam: "BUT MOM! I want to go on a bike ride!"
Me: "No, Sam, it's Sunday."


Sam:  "But Mom! I will wear sunscreen."
Me: "It doesn't matter, we aren't going out there! It's Sunday and we are staying in the house."
Sam: "But Mom!  I will wear my sunglasses!"

Then it hit me.  He thought I wasn't letting him go out because it was too sunny, hence "Sun" Day.  So I decided to explain to him what Sunday was.  I told him that there are 7 days of the week and named them.  Then I explained that "Church" day was called "Sunday" and that's the one day we don't go out and get dirty.


Sam: "But Mom!  I will wear sunglasses AND sunscreen!"

You just can't win!!!

Finally, Sam decided to play dress-ups instead.

On another subject, is it just Northern Utah or are Mosquitoes HORRIBLE this year!!  Holy cow they are everywhere!  I am pretty sure it has to do with all the moisture and flooding up in the canyon this year.  But poor little Sam got eaten alive Saturday night on his bike ride.  He doesn't understand what they are only that they itch and he won't leave them alone -- So I coat him in the usual stuff:  hydrocodone cream and/or that pink stuff.  Then give him a little Benadryl.  I kept flicking his hand every time he went to itch, he got the point quick enough.
Washed out bridge up the canyon.
Then last night, Ben got a bite and started itching it and Sam swooped:  "NO DADDY!  No itching the bite!! Mom says it makes it big!"  I was waiting for him to smack Ben's hand... but he didn't... it would have been funny though...

Last night I was cutting the boys hair and thought it would be funny to give Nephi a mo-hawk.

Sam came over and took a look.  "Do you like Nephi's new hair cut?" I asked him.  "Nephi has dragon hair!!!"  Sam said laughing.  Nephi took this very personally and made me shave it off quick... there was no way he was going to have "dragon hair."  And Sam wasn't going for the look either and forbid me to do it to him come his turn.  Party poopers.

   As for Ben's new website, that I mentioned designing above, he is getting his personal trainer's certificate and it taking his final test today.  If he passes it, the website will be up and going, and then I will have to tell you all about it... until then, I'll just leave you hanging.

Everyone have a great day and watch out for those pesky bugs!!



Marisa said...

Coincidentally, I think I have that same fuzzy pink bathrobe that Sam dressed up in!

The Mom said...

Try calling it "Church Day" instead! Maybe then he'll get it!

Shelly said...

The mosquitos love my daughter also. There is a product called After Bite. It works GREAT to eliminate the itch! It is inexpensive and worth it!

K said...

I think your idea for Sunday is perfect! We usually stay in all day Saturday (movies, games, dressup, artwork, etc). It's refreshing not to get dirty, not to have to drive somewhere. I really look forward to Saturdays. Now if only it meant sleeping in, too. :)

P.S. I looked at the website you are creating for Ben and it looks fantastic! Great color scheme and it makes the images really stand out. You are very talented!

Jill said...

The mosquitoes are super bad this year. We live right next to the Oxford slough and so there are millions of them practically at my back porch. They finally came and sprayed and it has been a little better, but you're right, they're super bad this year. It is because we had so much rain, a few warm days here and there, and then rain again. Perfect breeding ground.

Some kids get bit and it is no big deal, but others they seem to just love! My daughter is one of those. Her legs and arms swell up like crazy. We've already gone through one tube of benadryl cream, the extra strength stuff!

Haiku Amy said...

I don't know if you've tried this, but tape or bandaid a penny over your mosquito bites and/or bee stings. It takes the swelling down and helps the itching. I used a penny on a mosquito bite a few weeks ago and afterward I almost couldn't tell I had one except for the red mark.

Of course it might look a little funny if you have pennies all over you. ;-D