Thursday, June 9, 2011

Policing Political Correctness

One thing most parents learn pretty fast about kids, is that even though they have budding imaginations, they can be pretty strict about words and names.  For example:  A dog is a dog, if you know what I mean.

Not one day goes by where I am not corrected by one of my kids.  Sometimes, they just suck the fun out of using lame puns or singing silly rhymes.

Me: "Hey, Sam the Man!"
Sam:  "I am NOT Sam the Man!  Just Sam!"


Me: "Hey, Sam-I-Am, want some green eggs and ham?"
Sam: "No. And I am just SAM!"


Me:  "Nephi look!  It's a fire truck!!"
Nephi: "No mom, that's the paramedics."


Me:  "Why don't we take the bus today?"
Nephi:  "It's called a shuttle, Mom."


Nephi: "Thomas is NOT a train!  He is a tank engine!"


Me: "Sammy, you are such a good boy!"
Sam: "No, Mom.  I'm just Sam."

The other day I was tickling the baby and giving him loves.  I was talking nonsense to him, you know how you do, say anything in the sing-song voice and baby loves it!  I was saying something like "Are you bunny?  I think you might be a bunny!  Or maybe your a turtle.  Are you a turtle?"  Baby coos.  Sam hears me from the other room and comes in.

"Mommy, Jacob is a baby.  Not a bunny.  Not a turtle.  He is a baby."  Thanks, Sam for clearing that up, I was really confused, but now I am not.


You know you are raising an Army Brat when...

-We got Nephi a toy gun for his birthday.  He begged me to let him take it in to the grocery store with us.  I told him he could but he couldn't fire it or point it at people.  When we were checking out, the lady asked: "Wow!  You sure have a big gun there!"  Nephi replies:  "No, it's not a gun, it's my M-16." (Apparently there's a difference...)

-A few months ago I took Nephi to an Air Force Base to pick up a few things.  He was decked out in his Army camo gear and we stopped at the gas station to fuel up and get a treat.  While checking out, the lady at the cash register said:  "Well look at you!!  What a handsome little Air Force guy!!"  I thought Nephi was going to explode by the look on his face!  He yelled out:  "I am NOT Air Force guy!!  I am ARMY guy!!!" Touche.

Kids are so much fun aren't they.
I can't look at this picture without laughing myself silly!



Andrea said...

I love it! I used to call my 4 year old dude or little man and he's always say, "Don't call me that! My name is ENDER!" He will not allow anyone to call him anything other than his name!

Amy said...

LOL!!! Funny stuff Cat! :D

Jill said...

Mason is like that. "I'm just Mason!" These kids are just so black and white. No room for grey areas with them!