Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Picture of the Year, By Me!

Are you like me, where you are camera happy, take a million pictures and then LUCKY if just one turns out good?  That is me.  I get a few good ones here and there, but honestly, it's a good thing I have a few Photoshop skills.

But a few weeks ago, I took a really good one that I didn't even have to Photoshop!  I am thrilled to say the least, here it is:
Isn't it cool?  I took it at the Dinosaur Museum in Thanksgiving Point.  It was totally my idea too... but of course, Ben gets all the credit for being the model...  So Military Magazines... if you want to use my picture email me!



kisatrtle said...

That is a totally awesome picture

Anonymous said...

deff looks cool... i cant say how many times i take pictures and then just turn around and erase them because i hate husband on the other hand hates when i do that...sometimes he just doesnt get it!!! maybe you can hook me up with some of those photoshop skills lol :)

Laura Lynn said...

Super cool! And I love that museum too!