Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hope & Other Things

I just got this email today with this video attached I would really like to share.  I think it is a great reminder that there are so many things to be grateful for and many more to hope for.  It's so important to be optimistic these days and just a little hope can make life so much more fun and enjoyable even during the rough patches.  If we don't have hope, we have nothing.

Check out their facebook page here:

On another note, I have been wanting to tell everyone about what Gillette is up to.  I keep meaning to bring this up, but keep getting distracted!  Okay, here it is:  Gillette is helping to sponsor the USO this year, and in doing so they will donate $1 for every comment, picture, or story posted on their facebook page about a solider to the USO.  Here is the link:

I posted this picture of Ben:
And they liked it so much they sent us a gift:

Ben said it was the best razor he has ever used (I wonder if it has something to do with that Army logo on it?), and he definitely passed the kiss test.  So pop on over there and help out the USO!


One last note:  Ben passed his personal trainer's certification (Woo Hoo!) and we just started a blog for him, it is still under construction, but we would love to have everyone pop on by and check it out.  We would love to hear input on what you think we should include or how we can make it better.  Remember, there isn't a lot posted yet, but we'll get there.  Click here to check it out!




Olivia @ OliviaBlueMusic said...

What a great video! Thanks for sharing... :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I just love this whole post! You have an awesome family!

Barett said...

Great video and thank you for sharing about the Gillette Campaign. I reposted the story on my blog that encourages philanthropy. Thank you for sharing.

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