Friday, June 10, 2011

Fat Butt Friday: Setting Goals

This last month, I have been eagerly anticipating this challenge.  You know, making plans and goals and trying to figure out how I was going to get out while hauling 3 boys around.  But then June 1st hit and so did bad weather!  I couldn't believe it!  Every time I got a moment to get out, it would rain!

I was able to get in a few miles, but then I had a bigger problem:  How did I exercise with 3 boys by myself?  Ben took off on the 1st for some training for 3 weeks.  So he couldn't help me.  Usually the boys stay home with him while I go running... Well, we can't afford a triple running stroller, and even if we could the baby is still to small for one.  I could put the boys in the running stroller and put the baby in a snuggly -- but then I couldn't run... nothing like "shaking baby" by running with him in a snuggly!

I did put the baby in a regular stroller and let the boys ride their bikes... but that was a disaster.  Sam was too fast and Nephi was too slow.  I was stuck in the middle yelling for Sam to slow down and Nephi to hurry up! Too stressful.

So basically, I had to give in and do exercises at home.  I do have a stationary bike.  THEN the boys cut the chord.  Yep.  With a pair of scissors.  Now I can't use it.  Errrr....

So out came the wii.  And there went my miles for the week.  Ultimate bummer.  But I just keep telling myself that exercise is exercise whether I can count it or not!  Right?

On a better note, I made some goals.  I hope you did too!  We have the whole summer ahead of us, and what would a summer be if there weren't any goals to be made and worked toward?

Here are my summer goals:
1.  By the end of the summer I am going to be Diet Soda free!  I got hooked again this last pregnancy, and now I am having a hard time staying away because of the stress going on here... and just because I REALLY like the taste!

2.  Lose at least 20 pounds.  I think that is a good number for 3 months of working it.  If I get off more it will be a bonus!  I have 35 to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I would be THRILLED if I could do it... but I don't know it seems like a lot.  But, then again, my body may surprise me!

3.  I would also like to do 150 miles instead of the 120.  I am off to slow start, but I still think I can do it once Ben gets home.

Okay, now what are your summer goals!?

The First Report: If I missed you, let me know, for some reason a lot of my mail is going into my spam folder.

PS:  Still working out some details, so sponsors will be posted NEXT week.  Thanks!


Lydia said...

Cat use your double stroller for the little two and have Sam ride.
I know the feeling. I had 2 ride bikes one on a scooter and I pushed the littlest in the stroller. Yes moms can exercise if we want to.

Annie said...

Jillian Michael's "30 day shred" is THE BEST. It's only a 20 minute workout but it works twice as good!!!

Sasha said...

I was the BIGGEST diet soda addict, like ever. But I quit cold turkey over 2 weeks ago, and after the first few days I didn't even notice anymore. You can do it!!

Mama Nut said...

Lydia, that was the plan to begin with, but Nephi was TICKED when I told him to ride in the stroller when Sam got to be on the bike. AHHHH frustrating!

Sasha, I was three full weeks of soda until my husband left and the stress of the 3 kids and everything going on around here, I caved. But only twice! I am sticking to it pretty good!

Annie, I will have to look into that!!!

Krystal said...

Sounds like you have some awesome goals!! I've set mine for the summer too...and also have about 35 to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weights (from #1 lol)!!! I know I e-mailed you Wednesday night with my totals...but I got missed...I'll e-mail again to remind you and then again on Thursday!!!

Mama Nut said...

Krystal -- I am totally sorry! I can't find your email! It must have gone to the spam box. My email has been acting up lately and there were like 10 reports I almost missed because of it.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I'm so amazed and motivated by your goals with such a new baby! You're amazing!