Friday, June 17, 2011

Fat Butt Friday: Putting it Off

As most of you know, my husband has been gone this last month for training and I have had a really hard time getting out to walk or run with all three boys.  I feel totally ashamed of my miles.  BUT Ben got home last night, so I am back in the game!  However, these last few weeks weren't a total loss... I still pumped it out with the wii and some workout videos.  Exercise is exercise whether I can count it or not, right?

I wish I had an inspiring story to tell you here, but this week has been SO long and boring there isn't much to share.  Hope you all had a great week and this next one will be better for those of us who need it!


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Ang @ Sparkles and Bugs said...

I'm feeling a little ashamed of my miles too, being out of town and things have really cut down on my running. I have been working out a lot in the morning with videos, but with my 4 kiddos it's definitely hard to get out and run. As long as we are still trying right! :)